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  • While working on resolving the issue I recently posted about Optim corrupting NVARCHAR(MAX) data fields, I decided that we could possibly work around this issue in the short term by creating a View against the table with the NVARCHAR data and CAST that ...

  • I have an official " Optim Solutions Terabyte Compliance Guide.pdf " (from 2013) that we received from IBM in June 2017 around the time we purchased Optim TDM . As they then stated ". It's for DB2 z/OS, but might 'translate' nicely to LUW" see attachement. ...

  • I'm working on a new archiving request against SQL Server and I ran into an issue against a NVARCHAR(MAX) column. Optim will select all the data...but the last byte is getting changed/corrupted. In our case, it is being changed to an Asian character set. ...

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