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This online community is intended for IBM InfoSphere Optim users to get advice from their industry peers, communicate with Optim experts on best practices, and stay up to date regarding product enhancements, webinars, how-to blogs and new helpful materials. It functions as an online hub for the Optim Virtual User Group, with meetings online and in person every quarter. Join the conversation!

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  • Hi, all. I have an issue where a table that I've used for 5+ years to stage my Start table data no longer allows Optim to perform any actions on it. My normal procedure is to extract data from some source and load it to this table. Now during the Load ...

  • Are the release notes for 11.7 published yet? I'm not able to find them. I'm specifically wondering if there were some enhancements made to the Compare functionality. I thought I heard it mentioned in the last VUG meeting. Thank you, Trong ------------------------------ ...

  • hi all, having trouble with the data masking software as it prompt an error mention in below picture. does anyone encounter this issue before and manage to solve it? ------------------------------ aiman putra amran ------------------------ ...

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  • Don't miss out on the chance to contribute your reviews to Gartner Peer Reviews for Optim Data Privacy. We greatly appreciate your feedback and for taking some time out of your day for this - by filling out a review and connecting, you are helping ...

  • Gartner is offering $25 Visa gift cards to new, approved reviews of IBM InfoSphere Optim Data Privacy and IBM Optim Data Privacy for Unstructured Data on Gartner Peer Insights! We greatly appreciate your feedback and for taking some time out of your ...

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