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This online community is intended for IBM InfoSphere Optim users to get advice from their industry peers, communicate with Optim experts on best practices, and stay up to date regarding product enhancements, webinars, how-to blogs and new helpful materials. It functions as an online hub for the Optim Virtual User Group, with meetings online and in person every quarter. Join the conversation!

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  • Hello Tammy, After posting this question, I thought about it more over the weekend and came to the same conclusion that you provided. Thanks for your response. It helped to validate that I was on the right track. I've tested out my SQL Criteria ...

  • Hi all, I'm happy to announce that we have gotten approval to host an Optim User Group event at the IBM TechXchange conference in Las Vegas. Our session is scheduled for Monday, October 21st, from 3-530pm. We have lined up two customer speakers so far ...

  • Hi Mike, Are you able to extract the data in two phases using a relationship or join query during the extract? Phase 1 extracts the records with the group and phase 2 extracts the records with the members. Then, just perform the masking on the phase ...

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  • Managing data properly throughout its lifetime is crucial for organizations to achieve their business goals while minimizing risk. The IBM InfoSphere Optim Archive family of tools is designed to aid this effort by handling older data in active applications ...

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