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  • Optim will delete all child tables before parent tables, regardless of the order the data was extracted. As far as which child table gets deleted first, I think that then is the order of extraction. ------------------------------ Keith Tidball Progressive ...

  • Hi , In an archive request we can choose the order of archiving at steps or indent panels. Is there any way to see how optim decide the deletion order ? I can see the order on statistical report but I wonder how its decides it. Thanks , ------------------------------ ...

  • To all Optim Virtual User Group members, we have decided to postpone our next OVUG meeting to Tuesday, May 27th, from the previously-announced April 27th date. We will send out a calendar invite for the new date shortly. Thanks for your patience. Marc ...

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  • Gartner is offering $25 Visa gift cards to new, approved reviews of IBM InfoSphere Optim Data Privacy and IBM Optim Data Privacy for Unstructured Data on Gartner Peer Insights! We greatly appreciate your feedback and for taking some time out of your ...

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  • Next Optim Virtual User Group Meeting - May 25th

    The next OVUG will be on Tuesday, May 25th from 11-1pm EST! Look for a calendar invite from Peter Costigan in the coming weeks!

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