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Welcome to the IBM Security Resilient online community! Join us to learn more from a community of collaborative experts, who will help you take full advantage of the most advanced, battle-tested SOAR platform.

The IBM Security Resilient SOAR Platform is the leading platform for orchestrating and automating incident response processes. Collaborate, communicate, and contribute solutions with like-minded Resilient users right here.

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  • Hi, I have a following issue: Sometimes I receive a new incident and find out that it has been duplicated. Moreover I have already resolved the exact same one. Also there were some other incidents with the same issue (duplicating). I need a fast and ...

  • Thanks Jared, works perfectly :) ------------------------------ Leon Goodwin ------------------------------

  • Thanks Mark, apologies for the late reply but this works a treat :) ------------------------------ Leon Goodwin ------------------------------

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  • Hi everyone, Resilient Circuits framework helps you write the Python code that performs the integration logic for functions or custom actions by generating a Python package with a boilerplate implementation for Resilient SOAR Platform. In this ...

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  • There is a new integration between IBM Security Resilient and IBM Cloud Identity , IBM’s cloud-based identity and access management solution that helps control user access to applications both on-premise and in the cloud. As companies rapidly adopt ...

  • We’re excited to introduce a new capability to IBM Security Resilient. We've just published version 1.0.0 of our Natural Language processing integration on the App Exchange. In addition to our existing machine-learning (ML) integration, the natural ...

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