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  • Hi Sunil, The error is because the email body contains unicode which can not be processed by "processArtifactCategory" function in "Generic Email Script" You can try to modify the line below: dataList = set(re.findall(regex, self.bodyText)) to ...

  • This worked. Thanks Tamara. ------------------------------ Ryan Terry ------------------------------

  • Hi Dídac, I hope I am understanding correctly what you are asking? So your diagram contains one workflow and under normal execution the workflow will not terminate till after the second parallel gateway and both branches are finished executing. ...

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  • The Whispir integration with Resilient enables interactive multi-channel communications, enabling enhanced communication methods that create interactive communications inside and outside of the SOC. Utilizing Key Features Security incident team ...

  • Resilient's Spring European User Group pulled together an impressive collection of cybersecurity veterans from some of the world’s premier organizations. It resulted in four days, between Zurich and London, of intense collaboration and sharing of ...

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  • IBM Resilient Track May 13-17, 2019 | Orlando, FL The Resilient track at Master Skills University offers experienced Resilient users a one-of-a-kind opportunity to learn from the teams who build, deploy, and support Resilient ...

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