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Join us to learn more from a community of collaborative experts, who will help you take full advantage of the most advanced, battle-tested SOAR technology. IBM Security SOAR QRadar is the leading technology for orchestrating and automating incident response processes. Collaborate, communicate, and contribute solutions with like-minded Resilient users right here.

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Latest Discussions

  • Hello Pol, I was testing with the indicated function. I cannot obtain the content of the PDF file in plain text, but I can obtain it in JSON. I am attaching screenshots of the Playbook error and the configuration of the "Call REST API" function. Thanks ...

  • Hi Ravi, Also try sudo kubectl cluster-info dump | grep clusterIP. Presumably that will return the IP address you have set k3s to use. Remove the pipe and grep to see all the cluster-info. ------------------------------ BEN WILLIAMS ------------- ...

  • Yes, we have customers just did that and solved the issue. If you have concerns you can do a backup on that folder. Open a support case if you need any further assistance. Thank you. ------------------------------ Weiming Bai ------------------- ...

Latest Blogs

  • Hello QRadar SOAR Community, By now, most of the SOAR Community should be familiar with and/or leveraging Playbooks for your incident response processes. Playbook Designer is the next step in the evolution of automation design and development. ...

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  • Hello QRadar SOAR Community, The SOAR team is happy to announce our first QRadar SOAR + Salesforce Service Cloud integration , now available on the IBM App Exchange. Salesforce is the number one CRM application serving over 150,000 ...

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  • IBM QRadar SOAR Python Libraries v50.0.151 Our following Python Libraries have been updated to version 50.0.151: ...

  • TechXchange Conference 2023 Security Track - Labs for Threat Management We know that you’ve been eagerly awaiting on more details on the technical content planned for the upcoming IBM TechXchange Conference 2023, happening in Las Vegas September ...

  • IBM QRadar SOAR Python Libraries v49.0.4423 Our following Python Libraries have been updated to version 49.0.4423: ...

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