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  • Ah, I see. Look at the example I gave below. The "filters" is a list of dict, not a dict. ==== Example ===== { "filters":[{ "conditions":[ { "field_name":"id", "method":"equals", "value":2435 }, { "field_name":"properties.qradar_id", "method":"equals", ...

  • Yes, that's what I'm trying to do, but you know that I'm having an error when performing a test from the Postman: ------------------------------ Juan Cruz Del Col ------------------------------

  • Ok, just talked to a guy familiar with in-product script. There is not support to do that from the in-product script. An alternative way is to use our function. Instead of doing it from a script, create a workflow, and call a function. A function can ...

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  • Resilient Machine Learning can extract useful information from historical incidents that users store in their system to predict the best-matched user and assign them to an incoming incident. This blog is a tutorial for building a machine learning model ...

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  • Machine Learning (ML) has become part of the vernacular in forward-thinking cybersecurity companies, but there is still confusion around how and when it can best be used. In the context of Incident Response (IR), these capabilities can be simplified ...

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  • In the newly released v32 of Resilient there have been a number of important additions and changes. Visually, you are starting to see the transformation of the platform’s UI to IBM Studio’s Carbon styling. Additionally, we’ve improved on our existing ...

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