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Welcome to the IBM Security Guardium online user group! As a participant in this group, you’ll be able to communicate directly with IBM subject matter experts about your biggest concerns around data security, cloud data security, encryption and key management, and regulatory compliance. You’ll learn from the experiences of fellow Guardium users and have the opportunity to share your own data protection best practices.

In addition, we’ll help you expand your Guardium knowledge and technical expertise with exclusive webinars, demos, how-to blogs and other valuable data protection materials, and we’ll keep you up to date regarding product enhancements and regional and virtual user group meetings.

As you continue on your data protection journey, we encourage you to take full advantage of the resources available in this user group. Please contact Community Managers Jennifer Tullman-Botzer and Wendy Batten with any questions.

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  • Carlos, thank you very much, finaly I've contacted local IBM support and they created support case for me. Jozef ------------------------------ Jozef Kolek ------------------------------

  • ​Hi Jozef This appears recently. Well click in the box and choose the option "I don't see the serial....", this open a second box where you can put NA. This is only for guardium in appliance, but when you have guardium in VM, this doesn't apply. Take ...

  • I'm trying to open support case for IBM Security Guardium Collector Software Appliance. Open case dialog asks me to fill Machine Serial Number but I don't know that for virtual appliance. I've tried enter unknown, Site number, Part number, customer number, ...

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  • AVOID GUARDIUM DATABASE FULL ISSUES If your IBM Guardium database reaches capacity, your operations will fail. It is important that you prevent this from becoming a critical situation. As an administrator, it is imperative that you pay attention to ...

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  • Please join us for a new, in-depth webinar on how to prepare for The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), which comes into effect in January 2020, on Wednesday, October 30 at 11am ET. Presented by Cindy Compert, Distinguished Engineer and CTO Security ...

  • Blog by Dr. Larry Ponemon, Chairman & Founder, Ponemon Institute. IT security teams are finding it increasingly difficult to protect against attackers who are persistent, sophisticated, well-trained and well-financed. Further, in most organizations ...

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