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Welcome to the IBM Security Guardium online user group! As a participant in this group, you’ll be able to communicate directly with IBM subject matter experts about your biggest concerns around data security, cloud data security, encryption and key management, and regulatory compliance. You’ll learn from the experiences of fellow Guardium users and have the opportunity to share your own data protection best practices.

In addition, we’ll help you expand your Guardium knowledge and technical expertise with exclusive webinars, demos, how-to blogs and other valuable data protection materials, and we’ll keep you up to date regarding product enhancements and regional and virtual user group meetings.

As you continue on your data protection journey, we encourage you to take full advantage of the resources available in this user group. Please contact Community Managers Jennifer Tullman-Botzer and Wendy Batten with any questions.

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  • Hey there This feature works based on a regular expression to match, and you can replace with an arbitrary character. If you need to do something based on field and table name, there is another functionality that may work for you. This functionality ...

  • Hi Aaron, This flow I know but the values unmatch to the CEF parameters. Also, I just found out that IBM wrote it's not possible to use it in the way I wanted, for Self-Monitoring domains :/ Thanks, Eden. ------------------------------ Eden ...

  • Hi Eden, Yes you can do that here. Attachment1 Click the Add (plus symbol) button, and select THRESHOLD_ALERT. This will allow you to create a new one Attachment2 On the edit message template screen, you can filter on threshold message templates ...

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  • First, I hope and pray the epidemic will end soon. I wish you all health. The elusive-virus commits us all to be responsible to the our friends, to strangers, to the least-immune, and to the entire world. What is the connection between cyber and corona? ...

  • These are definitely unusual times and whenever there is change there is opportunity. Since we are asked to socially distance ourselves from each other to flatten the curve of COVID-19’s infection rate, we are spending more time using our computers ...

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  • Autonomous Guard

    The new “Risk Spotter” feature uses information gathered from various Guardium components, together with its holistic algorithm to provide a new look at risk. It quantifies the potential risk posed by specific users, and auto-tunes the Security Policies ...

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