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Welcome to the IBM Security Guardium online user group! As a participant in this group, you’ll be able to communicate directly with IBM subject matter experts about your biggest concerns around data security, cloud data security, encryption and key management, and regulatory compliance. You’ll learn from the experiences of fellow Guardium users and have the opportunity to share your own data protection best practices.

In addition, we’ll help you expand your Guardium knowledge and technical expertise with exclusive webinars, demos, how-to blogs and other valuable data protection materials, and we’ll keep you up to date regarding product enhancements and regional and virtual user group meetings.

As you continue on your data protection journey, we encourage you to take full advantage of the resources available in this user group. Please contact with any questions.

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  • hi, Please update anybody on below query? Thanks, Panendar Rao.C ------------------------------ PHANENDRA RAO CHAVANA ------------------------------

  • Hi Zibi, I've asked IBM support for access to ad-hoc patch 207. Thank you. Jozef ------------------------------ Jozef Kolek ------------------------------

  • 1. Once Backup CM(Aggregator) is converted to Primary CM, Will that Aggregator(Backup CM) changes the role to Central Manager once it becomes Primary CM? It is manual process. G admin must promote Backup CM to primary role 2. If at all we want Old ...

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  • We recently announced significant enhancements to Guardium Insights and its delivery on IBM Cloud Pak for Security . Guardium Insights is now a key component of Cloud Pak for Security, and by layering data security on top of an open, modernized, ...

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  • Last year, we initiated a mission to modernize the IBM Security Guardium Data Protection product and architecture, which resulted in the first release of IBM Security Guardium Insights in 2019. Guardium Insights enables organizations to: ...

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  • Introduction The emergence of cloud database services has driven several Database Activity Monitoring (DAM) solutions to enable and consume native database auditing in order to provide visibility into user activities. Traditionally, DAM solutions ...

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  • We learned a couple of things about Windows S-TAP Must Gather V2 in the previous blog posts: Overview of Windows S-TAP Must Gather V2 Files collected by Windows S-TAP Must Gather V2 The goal of this blog article is to find out the ...

  • There is a new integration between IBM Security Resilient and IBM Security Guardium Data Protection , IBM’s leading data security solution that helps organizations discover, classify, monitor, protect and report on their organization’s critical ...

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