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  • If you are on a recent PTF level of zSecure, check Chapter 4 of the Alert User Guide for the C2PCTEST procedure. This is used to test alert configurations from an SMF input data set, so you can see the effect of changes to alert skeletons and parameters, ...

  • thanks for you reply it was so helpful ------------------------------ Mohammed Ibrahem ------------------------------

  • The CKGRACF command is logged in field LOGSTR, so you have to adjust your CARLa SELECT command to find the actions you want to notify on. For example, a RESUME action would be captured by S EVENT=GENERAL AND LOGSTR=:"CKGRACF USER" AND LOGSTR=:" RESUME" ...

Latest Blogs

  • IBM Security zSecure Suite 2.5 was announced on July 27, 2021 with a planned availability date of September 30, 2021. You can read the US announcement letter here . This release provides enhanced access monitoring capabilities, end-to-end event correlation ...

  • Today, I am happy to announce that IBM Hyper Protect Data Controller 1.2.0 is available for download from Passport Advantage. The enhancements in this release provide substantial usability and performance benefits to clients. To simplify use, with this ...

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  • By Marilyn P. Thornton Here’s the headline: “White House Pushes for Companies to Take Ransomware More Seriously after High-Profile Cyberattacks.” That was three weeks ago, and the hits just keep coming. There has practically been a new White House statement ...

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  • Ron Aguirre, Sr. Manager, Rocket Software is the subject matter expert on this release, working closely with IBM. He can be reached at . We are excited to share with you that the new release of the IBM Guardium S-TAPs Db2 ...

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  • The new Executive Order on improving the nation’s cybersecurity, calls for adoption of multi-factor authentication and encryption for data at rest and in transit, by all agencies within 180 days. For mainframe users, ...

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