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Latest Discussions

  • Hi, I have a issue with adding domains to Netlify DNS. Domain name is: When I'm trying to add these domains to Netlify DNS it gives A DNS zone for this domain already exists on NS1, the DNS provider backing Netlify DNS ...

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    RE: Accessing DNS

    Thank you for the reply. I apologize for accidentally wasting your time. It turns out that their DNS was in fact controlled by Squarespace. We did not realize that Squarespace used NS1 or IBM and when an update to Squarespace DNS did not "take" then ...

  • Hi Clifford, Thanks for reaching out. If the customer has forgotten their password or email used, they will have to reach out to IBM support from a colleague's email that is authorised to access the account. The customer can also try resetting the ...

Latest Blogs

  • Using DNS to Shape, Steer, or Blackhole Your Traffic Are you not entertained?! How many times have you been travelling outside of your home country and want to curl up in your hotel room to watch your favourite TV show, only to find out ...

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  • Multi-signer DNSSEC allows for secure, authoritative DNS responses from multiple DNS providers, addressing a long-standing requirement for multi-cloud use cases. The challenge of DNSSEC in multi-cloud environments DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC) ...

  • Want to learn more about how using dig +trace to understand DNS resolution? Don't miss my new blog at: This blog will provide you with an understanding of how a query recursive receives a response in a typical ...

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