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  • Hi, one question just to confirm if the follow isn't possible. If we want use a dashboard with only the connected user metrics, is it possible for the dashboard to accept a variable or the connected user id to achieve such operations ? Thanks for help ...

  • Nitin, Thanks for your response. We configured the BPM and Case emitter applications and the events are successfully being sent to kafka topic. However, there is an error when the flink jobs are trying to consume the messages (error message below) ...

  • Yes, BAW v21.0.3 is compatible with BAI4S 20.0.3 IF002. We have configured and able to emit events. We are able to create Kibana dashboards. -Nitin ------------------------------ Nitin Upasani ------------------------------

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  • DBA which represents IBM Digital Business Automation has several automation controls and techniques to automate day-to-day business and technical operations. IBM DBA constitutes of several automation controls which are categorised as core automation controls ...

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