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  • Great to hear that it helped. Needless to say that my tests with have also been successful ;-) ------------------------------ Harald Seipp Senior Technical Staff Member ------------------------------

  • Thank you very much Harald, Your advise did help. Now I can create a Storage Pool. I know that we need to use physical servers for production slicestores. ------------------------------ T Masteen ------------------------------

  • Hello T, you need to ensure that you have got the appropriate number of SliceStor VMs and SliceStor Disks. Please try with 3 SliceStor VM, each of them equipped with 12 SATA disks (I use 2GB ones) in addition to the boot disk. After the disks come online ...

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  • The NVIDIA G PU T echnology Conference is one of the premier AI event s in the world. GTC is a chance to hear from the technologist s , practitioners, and visionaries in AI. This year is no different. There are multiple tracks on technology, autonomous ...

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  • IBM Storage and NVIDIA Deliver Reference Architectures for Accelerated and Secure ADAS/AV Development on AI Infrastructure Developing and testing autonomous driving (AD) systems requires the analysis and storage of more data than ever before. ...

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  • In this blog entry I would like to present how to use the IBM Spectrum Scale with CSI Operator on Openshift 4.2 by introducing a sample Tensorflow deployment with assigned GPFS storage. The basic concepts of CSI, storage provisioning, deployment and service ...

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  • In order to use Nvidia GPUs in an Openshift 4 cluster on worker nodes, you need to deploy the Special Resource Operator. There are some prerequisites that must be met before the operator can be installed correctly. Disable nouveau (RHEL worker node ...

  • Edited by Peter Basmajian Performance is a key part of AI, analytics and HPC workloads. The problem with only measuring performance is that requirements continue to change. For example, although supercomputers from a few years ago still offer high ...

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