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Welcome to the Blueworks Live user community! This topic group is a place to discuss best practices, how you are using Blueworks Live in your life, and get answers about the product or process modeling methodology. 

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  • Hi Mark, Many thanks for your clear/concise reply. Currently access controls aren't tightly governed, with a mix of user groups, direct user permissions to spaces and variations in use of inheritance. Given the variability and number of spaces we ...

  • Hi Gareth, This is working as designed. If you move a space the permissions will get moved with it. If you copy, Blueworks assumes that you want to reset the permissions. There is no "move" function between accounts so the copy function has to be used. ...

  • We are trying to migrate data from one BWL instance/account to another. When copying spaces, all details are being copied except for user permissions, even when users exist in both accounts. Has anyone successfully retained the original user/user group ...

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  • Part 2: Tech guide: Blueworks Live & OpenPages: Integration Options In this guide we’ll discuss the technical steps to make integration between Blueworks Live and OpenPages possible. Option 1: Hyperlinks The most simple way to connect ...

  • Today businesses need to ensure that they have an accountable governance, risk and compliance (GRC) management system, as it is the building blocks of a sustainable and mature organisation. Risks and controls don’t exist in isolation but are part of a ...

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  • Introduction Business process modelling (BPM) is a fundamental component of key business initiatives. For example. Process improvement and optimisation Operational resilience Operational risk Regulatory compliance Business process ...

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