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    Process Templates

    Hi Can we create a process template in Blueworks Live? Regards, Vipin ------------------------------ Vipin Kumar ------------------------------

  • Hi Darren, I do not believe there is any specific integration between BWL and DOORS Next Gen but have you seen our free add-on accelerator for BWL called Blueworks Insights ( In ...

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  • Hello all, I've been using BWL in large delivery programmes that develop and integrate applications into engineering clients as part business transformation. One of the areas that has shown value is in overlaying the requirements onto the Business Processes. ...

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  • Introduction So, you have documented your business processes in detail using Blueworks Live. But your processes do not remain static you need a mechanism to be sure that they are fit for purpose. Implementing a regular review cycle is the ideal way ...

  • Introduction A Customer Journey Map is a visualisation of a customer’s experiences with a company. It shows the touchpoints, experiences and emotions as the customer interacts with the business. A Journey Map provides a clear representation that can ...

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  • Playbacks are a great way to start conversations and collect feedback. Blueworks Live recently improved how playbacks work, and we have 3 new two-minute videos about how to use them effectively. You can read more about them in Introduction to Process ...

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