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Welcome to the Blueworks Live user community! This topic group is a place to discuss best practices, how you are using Blueworks Live in your life, and get answers about the product or process modeling methodology. 

Start by posting a question or topic in the Discussion area. The Library is for uploading files such as videos or documents. We'd love to have you blog for us - if you aren't an IBMer, click here to apply as a blogger!  Our team will be posting Events as they happen. 

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  • Hello Cliff, Please right click anywhere in the blank space outside the BPMN elements in the process diagram to get the option to toggle Numbering on and off. If numbering is already on, you will find the option 'Hide Activity Numbering' on right click. ...

  • Hi Cliff, Right click on any blank white space within the diagram and there is an option to hide numbering. Regards ------------------------------ Darren Castle ------------------------------

  • I turned on numbering in my Process Diagram view, and cannot figure out how to toggle the numbers back off the view. Please tell me there is a way to do that!?! ------------------------------ Cliff Carter ------------------------------

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  • Introduction Business process modelling (BPM) is a fundamental component of key business initiatives. For example. Process improvement and optimisation Operational resilience Operational risk Regulatory compliance Business process ...

  • I’ve attended lots of User Group Events and Trade Shows on behalf of IBM Business Automation in the past decade and when users talk about IBM Blueworks Live , they are always delighted. While the easy-to-use cloud-based tool was designed to give Automation ...

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  • Authored by: @Jeff Goodhue and @Genevieve van den Boer This lab introduces some advanced features with the Glossary in IBM Blueworks Live. Before you start: This tutorial is meant to be used with IBM Blueworks Live. If you do ...

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