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  • Hi Rosarito the issue got resolved .Thank you very much for checking about it ------------------------------ sunil kumar chellu WTX DEVELOPER AIDIN vizag ------------------------------

  • Hello Sunil, let me know if you managed to find a solution for your issue, I may help you with some tricks I know. ------------------------------ Rosarito Bugania ------------------------------

  • Export your process model as a PNG or another format usually works. ------------------------------ TechnicalSales Executive Education Center ------------------------------

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  • This article introduces creating simple Input / Output types in the Glossary in IBM Blueworks Live. These simple types can be used for defining Inputs and Outputs in process blueprints. The Glossary is a place to define and store all the important terms ...

  • When you have a large complex process diagram, it can be hard to follow no matter how readable and well-structured it is. You can use the Blueworks Live playback feature to focus on specific paths through the process and step through them one at a ...

  • ​ We’re excited to include the following feature enhancements in the newest release of Blueworks Live available after Saturday, May 30, 2020. Check out this video for additional details. Here are the updates we've made: Process ...

  • In this article, I will introduce practices for developing and analyzing a process heat map in IBM Blueworks Live. A process heat map is usually a high-level process blueprint that provides an overview of a number of lower level processes. It is used ...

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  • Importing a Process Blueprint from the Templates library in IBM Blueworks Live In this article, I will introduce the Templates library of process apps and blueprints available in IBM Blueworks Live. The Templates library contains numerous process ...

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