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Welcome to IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation

As a participant, connect with IBM subject matter experts and get answers to your biggest concerns. Also, share ideas, benchmarks, best practices, and lessons learned with other users. As a member of this online user community, you gain:
  • Direct engagement with IBM subject matter experts
  • Tips and tricks from your industry peers
  • News, announcements, and enhancement details
You’ll also get information regarding our regional and virtual user group meetings, upcoming webinars, how-to blogs, and training. We invite you to participate and ask that you contact with any questions.

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Latest Discussions

  • Unlock the potential of integrated business and process analytics in our focused webinar, showcasing the integration between IBM Process Mining and IBM Cognos Analytics. This 30-minute session features insights from Jared Michalec, VP of Innovation and ...

  • hi Steph, When will there be v22.x Certificate for CP4BA? ------------------------------ YING WANG ------------------------------

  • Hi Ali, you likely did not invoke it without any authentication. postman is a browser plugin and will send all your cookies to the service. If your user has a password, basic auth may just work. There is also a concept of system accounts. Please ...

Latest Blogs

  • We are pleased to announce some exciting enhancements for the IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation as a Service 2024.01 February 2nd, 2024 update. This announcement highlights improvements to the SaaS platform as well as the trial . Enhancements: ...

  • IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation Introduction When it comes to business automation, the greatest attention is paid to issues such as the simplicity of designing solutions (low-code and no-code tools), the possibility of simply ...

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  • In the rapidly evolving world of business technology, IBM's Cloud Pak for Business Automation (CP4BA) stands at the forefront, offering cutting-edge solutions for businesses seeking to streamline their operations. A recent webinar on January 9, 2024, ...

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