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Welcome to the Cloud Pak for Business Automation user community! This topic group is a place to discuss best practices, talk about how you are using the Digital Business Automation platform or Cloud Pak for Business Automation, and to post and get answers to your technical questions. 

Start by posting a question or topic in the Discussion area. The Library is for uploading files such as videos or documents. We'd love to have you blog for us - click Blogs to get started.  Our team will be posting Events as they happen. 

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  • I have installed the BPM and ODM on traditional HW architecture like AIX LPARs. My setup is as below. We have 2 nodes for Production and 2 Nodes for UAT environment. On each Node in Production and we have installed and configured the BPM and ODM using ...

  • So there is no doc if I undestrand :-( ------------------------------ Emmanuel ANGLES ------------------------------

  • Hi Emmanuel, I would suggest to reach to IBM tech sales and should help in your need. Regards, Ahmed Ibrahim Business Automation Consultant IBM Expert Labs ------------------------------ Ahmed Ibrahim ------------------------------

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  • 1. Introduction To protect the environment from data loss and corruption, it is important to backup the environment, so that the environment could be rebuilt from the backup data if the primary environment failed to provide services when disaster ...

  • Objective To demonstrate how you can create/configure an External Automation Service in BA Studio. Note: An External Automation Services come from sources outside of BA Studio editors like example, BAW on Premises. Steps to create an External ...

  • Deploy and configure an external database alongside your BAW Premise In my role as technical sales during the preparation of Po(X) I often needed to use a database for the persistence of application data. It is therefore a solution aimed only at development ...

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