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🎉 Welcome to the IBM Open Editions Community ! 🎉

First off, we are delighted to have you here! Our community is a hub dedicated to fostering open communication, collaboration, and knowledge sharing about the first IBM open-source offering: IBM Business Automation Manager Open Editions

IBM BAMOE offering is an umbrella to both products: IBM Process Automation Manager Open Edition (IBM PAMOE, formerly known as RHPAM) and IBM Decision Manager Open Edition (IBM DMOE, formerly known as RHDM).

The beauty of this community is in our openness. Here, we believe that every question, every answer, and every conversation brings us closer to mutual growth and understanding. Our goal? To empower you with the knowledge and connections that will help you excel in your work with IBM open editions.

Best of all, it's completely free to register! Everyone is welcome to join, share, learn, and contribute.

Once again, welcome to our community! We look forward to your valuable participation.

What can you do here? Plenty!

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This space is perfect for asking questions, exchanging insights, and learning from both your peers and IBM subject matter experts. Curious about best practices? Wondering about common pitfalls? This is the place to ask! Just remember to brush up on our Community Netiquette before posting.

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This is your one-stop shop for all resources related to our group. We've got file uploads, videos, PDFs, and other resources at your fingertips. Can't find what you're looking for? No problem. Pop into our discussions and we'll help you track it down.

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Here, you'll discover the latest updates, how-tos, best practices, and use cases shared by our experts and experienced product users. We encourage you to become an active participant too! IBMers can blog without approval, while others can apply here to become a blogger.

📆 Stay tuned for Events

We regularly hold exciting workshops, webinars, and meetups to ensure our members learn how to use the solutions and stay ahead of the curve with product news and updates.

🤝 Communities and Open Source

Our community complements the KIE Community, which is essentially the cradle, the community where the upstream projects - Drools, jBPM, and Kogito - were born and nurtured. It's the birthplace of innovative ideas, and it continues to be a space where these projects evolve, mature, and contribute to the broader open-source ecosystem.

We foster the cross-pollination of ideas and knowledge between communities for the growth of all participants. So, don't hesitate to explore the KIE Blog and engage with both communities to enrich your learning journey!

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  • We just set up a BAM OE V8 environment on Openshift ; it seems to run fine, we were able to create users through keycloak UI as modelers and then we're able to use Business Central for modeling. However, we don't see any users proposed to assign to ...

  • Hey guys, when I tried to install BAMOE on the Linux Machine It wasn't possible to open the business central. Back that day, we found this Known Issue on Red Hat, can you check if this article helps you with your issue? --> ...

  • It works! Thanks @Vinay Bommarati ------------------------------ YANG SUN ------------------------------

Latest Blogs

  • Many organizations struggle with inefficient, opaque business processes, resulting in a lack of agility and an inability to quickly identify and adjust bottlenecks. By integrating process automation with process analytics, it's possible to transform the ...

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  • We're excited to present IBM Business Automation Manager 9.0, a groundbreaking release that transforms the way developers approach decision automation. In today's fast-paced business landscape, where organizations need to swiftly adapt to market changes ...

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  • Introduction and Background One of the great things about the open-source community is its togetherness and methods to innovate and deliver new features and the projects keep moving. A lot of times once a system is under active development, a version ...

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