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  • Hello, thanks for your answers!!!! The problem still persists, every time I open the browser it takes 2 minutes, by the way, the google driver it was already updated; I have noticed a couple of things that I think are also affected by the same problem. ...

  • Hi Stefan! Does the message only say that it's not able to connect to Google Drive, or does it give any more details? Could you provide more details on how the connection is failing exactly? I'm assuming it fails when you try to connect to the storage ...

  • Hi Janick. Yes, that is a known bug of the recorder. After using it and closing it, there is a glitch that sort of locks out the space where the recorder bar is. The bar is no longer there, but it's as if the screen get's stuck with the space reserved ...

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  • Introducing the IBM Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Elite Team! The Elite Team is composed of IBM RPA specialists on a mission to ensure our customers realize their intended business goals though IBM RPA. The IBM RPA Elite Team works closely with ...

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  • A team from Salient Process, a leading IBM Business Partner, submitted a unique application to the IBM Build-A-Bot Challenge that combines RPA, Watson and several capabilities from the IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation. The solution combs e-mails ...

  • Being a successful law firm meant that Lobo de Rizzo managed a large client base. However, success can sometimes breed challenges. Lobo de Rizzo needed to improve how client invoices were managed. Its financial department issued different invoices for ...

  • The recent IBM Build-A-Bot Challenge was one of the most satisfying events I have been associated with in my 11 years at IBM. We put out a challenge to use IBM RPA to make a difference in the world and our Community responded. We offered two $10,000 ...

  • Known for its highly specialized tax law services, Coimbra & Chaves Advogados , founded in 2011, wanted to implement efficient and speedy organizational processes for its projects. The company was having issues managing information and judicial decision ...

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