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Welcome to the Decision Management user community! This topic group is a place to discuss best practices, discuss how you are using Operational Decision Manager (ODM), Decision Composer, or other precursor products, and as a place to post questions and get answers about decisions and business rules.

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  • Is there a clear statement of the limitations of ODM SaaS Express with respect ODM SaaS? I found the general statement in the FAQs, but I need more details for a proposal. Operational ...

  • make sure you are using an Eclipse 4.16 and a JDK 8 for this installation. ------------------------------ Alain Robert ------------------------------

  • rereading your question I understand you are trying to bypass the default output of the decision warehouse and that's the reason you have disabled the bom.enabled mode. In the case of the array input I think you need to encapsulate the array in an object ...

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  • Installing the CP4BA ODM bronze topology This article is part of an article series around Operational Decision Manager (ODM) topologies in context of Cloud Pak for Business Automation (CP4BA). For more information about ODM environments and the topologies, ...

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  • We recently announced an exciting new addition to the IBM Decisions community. IBM Decision Manager Open Edition, formerly available as Red Hat Decision Manager, is now part of the IBM Business Automation portfolio. A platform for developing containerized ...

  • Hopefully you are all familiar with @DAVID Jenness and his Automation Expose series where practitioners share "gory details and lessons learned" from a real world automation project. He recently asked Decision Management Solutions if we could do one ...

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