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Welcome to the Decision Management user community! This topic group is a place to discuss best practices, discuss how you are using Operational Decision Manager (ODM), Decision Composer, or other precursor products, and as a place to post questions and get answers about decisions and business rules.

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  • Hi Avinash With regard to locale configuration through eclipse configuration file, y ou are missing the -clean flag. For example I have the default en_US installed and this works for me when I want to work in fr_FR: C:\Software\IBM\ODM8103\eclipse.exe ...

  • Hi Goh, Hope it worked. With regard to importing testsuites in to DC, there is nothing in the REST API to do this so you will have to look at the ODM Java APIs ..... which can prove to be very complicated. As per you message on your CI/CD environment, ...

  • Thanks Raj ... and thanks for the link to your Excel add-in! ------------------------------ Peter Warde ------------------------------

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  • The script is now available for you to perform a minimal acceptance validation of ODM automatically. This can be used to validate custom images of ODM or an ODM instance deployed on a kubernetes cluster using the odm helm chart. ...

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  • This article is part of an article series around Operational Decision Manager (ODM) topologies in context of Cloud Pak for Business Automation (CP4BA). For more information about ODM environments and the topologies, see CP4BA ODM topologies on OpenShift ...

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  • Target audience: ODM user with ODM Administrator role Estimated duration: 90 minutes A downloadable version of this Blog Post is available here. This article is part of an article series around Operational Decision Manager ...

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