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Welcome to the Decision Management user community! This topic group is a place to discuss best practices, discuss how you are using Operational Decision Manager (ODM), Decision Composer, or other precursor products, and as a place to post questions and get answers about decisions and business rules.

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  • Hello Azim, the error you had means that the server defined in the test suite can not be reached in order to run the test suite. Either the server set in the test suite does not have a correct settings or the DecisionRunner app is not working or not ...

  • Azim, not that the link you provide is broken. I guess you're following this tutorial: The trace you show does not ...

  • This looks like a configuration issue, unfortunately there is not enough information in this stack to diagnose the issue properly. Are you able to run testing for a Decision Service or do you see the same problem? What server are you using how is ...

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  • Since JRules 7.1 was released 10 years ago, IBM Operational Decision Manager has continuously evolved to support businesses becoming more responsive, more efficient, and more transparent in their decision making. A lot of new capabilities have ...

  • Modeling operational decisions Often operational decisions are made in the code of enterprise applications, which makes it difficult to access and modify them. When the policies that govern the operational decisions are expressed in code, updating ...

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  • Machine Learning (ML) is becoming an essential part of automated decisioning. Whether it's for up-sell/cross-sell, fraud assessment or risk scoring - ML is the technology providing precise predictions for smarter decisions. In Cloud Pak for Automation, ...

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  • Q1: Where can I find the compatibility report so I know the database s and application s that ODM version supports? We have the software requirement report , which can be found here . We also have a video that provides ...

  • Most organizations make decisions throughout the day, decisions that can determine the success or failure of the business. These decisions can be a fundamental, for example, to approve a loan, pay a claim, onboard a customer, renew a license, buy more ...

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