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IBM's Identity & Access Management (IAM) portfolio continues to modernize and scale to provide the industry’s most comprehensive solutions across access management, consumer identity, authentication, identity governance, and privileged access management.  We invite you to participate and ask that you contact with any questions.

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    • Hi Carsten, currently a different team manages the message delivery to customers, like SMS, email, FCM notifications. It is a centralized shared REST services for all other teams. We are using it for one way push notification to send HMAC OTP, so that ...

    • Hello community, We have installation of single appliance. We are trying to implement FSSO for one of our portal, but have an issue with fsso configuration file. When I execute command to create junction with -S <config file> it gives me an error.: ...

    • Hi Sylvain, We do some custom authorization based on HTTP method in an Infomap executed via tfim-sso. We retrieve the http method with: var requestMethod = stsuu.getContextAttributes().getAttributeValuesByNameAndType("method", "urn:ibm:names:ITFIM:oauth:request")[0]; ...

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    • In today's rapidly evolving financial landscape, the need for robust Know Your Transaction (KYT) verification processes has become increasingly vital. KYT refers to the ongoing monitoring of financial transactions to identify and mitigate risks. Which ...

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    • The promise of removing passwords has been an endeavor security practitioners have embarked on for years. Although there has been progress, matter a fact is many individuals still use passwords as they interact with brands and other digital entities, ...

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    • IBM Security Verify Governance Identity Manager provides excellent capabilities to implement user and provisioning lifecycle processes. These processes are configured in Administrative Console UI and accessed by end users via Service Center UI. IM also ...

    • Hi, On March 22, 2023, my colleague Yves Debeer and myself gave a webinar about securing remote access VPN's. Here's an overview of the technical demo setup: Please find the presentation on this link . Navigate to our YouTube channel ...

    • Hi Community! On Wednesday, March 22, at 1 PM CET, @Yves Debeer and myself will be hosting a webinar to showcase how to secure VPN access with Verify SaaS's MFA capabilities. The focus is again on showing things - "show, don't tell". So the ...

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