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Welcome to the IBM Security IAM Community, where product users and IBMers come together to discuss and overcome challenges related to access management and authentication, identity governance and administration, and privileged access management. Group members will have the opportunity to learn from fellow users of IBM identity and access management solutions and to share your own use cases and best practices so that others may benefit from your experience.

Exclusive technical webinars, demos, how-to blogs and other additional resources will help you expand your knowledge of the latest and most important topics in identity and access management. We will also keep you up to date regarding product enhancements and regional and virtual user group meetings.

As you continue on your access management journey, we encourage you to take full advantage of the resources available in this group. Please contact Community Managers Jennifer Tullman-Botzer and Wendy Batten with any questions or feedback.

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Access Management, Single Sign On and Authentication

IBM Security Access Manager (ISAM)
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IBM Security Secret Server, IBM Security Privilege Manager

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  • ​Hello All, When we access webseal using IP address instead of FQDN, the browser gives SSL error and allows us to ignore and continue. If we want to force users to use FQDN to access webseal, is it possible using any default configuration within ISAM? ...

  • ​Respected fellows, I am working with ISIM Web Services to provision accounts for users. I am trying to use ISIM's Identity Policy to set the eruid at the time of account creation from web service, just like when we provision the accounts from the admin ...

  • Hi David, Thanks for your help. That means there must be some issue from the network providers side here in Pakistan. Unfortunately, I am not able to engage the network provider. I will get back if some progress is made. Best regards,​ ------------------------------ ...

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  • About one-way SSL and two-way SSL authentication Configuring communication between an SSL server and client can use one-way or two-way SSL authentication. The SSL client is the computer where the IBM Security Identity Governance and Intelligence ...

  • OpenShift on MacOS

    Introduction For the last couple of days I've been trying to get a development instance of OpenShift working natively on my Mac. There are quite a few articles about this but most of them are from a while ago and didn't work for me. I thought I ...

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  • You might have missed it as there wasn’t a lot of press, but IBM recently acquired a small startup called Red Hat. As with many IBMers, I have been on a steep learning curve to understand the capabilities this brings. As an interesting exercise, I thought ...

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