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Welcome to the Workflow, BPM, and Case user community! This topic group is a place to discuss best practices, talk about how you are using Business Automation Workflow (BAW), IBM Business Process Manager (BPM),  Case Manager, or any other precursor products,  and to post and get answers to your technical questions. 

Start by posting a question or topic in the Discussion area. The Library is for uploading files such as videos or documents. We'd love to have you blog for us - click Blogs to get started.  Our team will be posting Events as they happen. 

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  • The below error is reported in the logs [10/2/22 16:43:13:024 IST] 000001a6 ProcessEngine I CWWBA0006E: The format of the ID 'AIID' is not valid. com.ibm.bpe.api.IdWrongFormatException: CWWBA0006E: The format of the ID 'AIID' is not valid. at com.ibm.bpe.framework.BusinessProcessServiceImpl.getActivityInstance(BusinessProcessServiceImpl.java:11553) ...

  • Idea https://dba.ideas.ibm.com/ideas/IWF-I-837 accepted as future consideration. ------------------------------ Ankit Garg ------------------------------

  • Hello Ahmed , You can use one groupe and in this groupe you use filter Thx ------------------------------ El Mehdi ES-SAFI ------------------------------

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  • We recently announced some exciting new additions to the IBM workflow community. IBM Process Automation Manager Open Edition, formerly available as Red Hat Process Automation Manager, is now part of the IBM Business Automation portfolio. Process ...

  • IBM has a rich history in business process management (BPM), helping many of the world’s top organizations manage their workflows. If you are looking for a BPM solution where you can start small and scale as your business grows, with a corresponding cost ...

  • The stages features was added to IBM Case Manager several years ago. It provided a built-in way to define, track and visualize the high level stages that a case goes though during its lifecycle. In addition to providing a "I am here" capability, stages ...

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