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Welcome to the IBM Event Streams community group for everyone who's using Kafka in their enterprise.  Expect to find discussion, blogging, other resources to help you get started and maintain your Kafka infrastructure.  IBM Event Streams is part of the IBM Cloud Pak for Integration and also available on IBM Cloud.

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  • Hi @Santhosh Ramanathan - thank you for you question! Here's what I was able to gather from the team: The error message indicates that you either don't have a truststore or the CA cert in the truststore doesn't match the server containing the mvn artifact. ...

  • Hi, For adding HTTP Sink connector to my event streams, I have cloned the git repo as mentioned in the connector catalog. git clone https://github.com/thomaskwscott/kafka-connect-http.git cd kafka-connect-http mvn package when I run mvn package ...

  • Hi Jina, thanks for the response. Is there a detailed reference available on how to integrate Flink SQL with Event Streams ------------------------------ Thanks, Santhosh Ramanathan ------------------------------

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  • In this post, I want to suggest some approaches for introducing event-driven architecture patterns into your existing application environment. I’ll demonstrate how you can incrementally adopt Apache Kafka without needing to immediately build new applications ...

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  • In this post, I’ll describe how to use App Connect Enterprise to process Kafka messages that were serialized to a stream of bytes using Apache Avro schemas. Background Best practice when using Apache Kafka is to define Apache Avro schemas ...

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