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Welcome to the IBM Event Streams and IBM Event Automation community group for everyone who's using Kafka in their enterprise.  Expect to find discussion, blogging, other resources to help you get started and maintain your Kafka infrastructure.  IBM Event Streams is part of the IBM Cloud Pak for Integration and also available on IBM Cloud. IBM Event Automation is IBM's newest Automation product focused on putting events to work and responding in real-time.

Learn about IBM Event Automation here

Latest Discussions

  • Hi, Thank you so much. Given link was very helpful. ------------------------------ Aswini M ------------------------------

  • Hi @Aswini M , there are several settings that need to be carefully configured for this to work correctly, the team has provided a checklist at the following link that you may find helpful to make sure that it works correctly. Take a look at it and ...

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  • Hi All, I am trying to connect Kafka via App connect , Given all the needed configurations in the policy file (Bootstrap server , truststore location , security protocol). I am getting below error, BIP4362E: Java node error: [BIPmsgs:3891]BIP3891E: ...

Latest Blogs

  • Today we have released IBM MQ Connector v2 ! IBM MQ source and sink connectors for Event Streams, have received significant enhancements over the predecessor version Firstly, the upgraded connectors now offer "exactly once delivery" capability. This ...

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  • New to Kafka? Struggling with concepts like topics, schemas, etc.? Join this hands-on session to fortify your understanding of the fundamental of EventStreams - the critical event distribution pillar within IBM's Event Automation Learn ...

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  • Within the realm of open-source streaming platforms, Apache Kafka and Apache Flink stand tall as highly acclaimed names. Renowned for their exceptional scalability, reliability, and fault-tolerance, they often loom as formidable options. Yet, a prevailing ...

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