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Welcome to the IBM Event Streams community group for everyone who's using Kafka in their enterprise.  Expect to find discussion, blogging, other resources to help you get started and maintain your Kafka infrastructure.  IBM Event Streams is part of the IBM Cloud Pak for Integration and also available on IBM Cloud.

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  • Hi, I am looking for some reference material particularly around naming standards for Event Stream / Kafka. What are the best practices around naming of Topics, Subscriptions etc etc? Any help would be great as we are planning to build our first Event ...

  • yeah, thanks for sharing! really important ------------------------------ Shivam Singh ------------------------------

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  • Vendors like IBM pay close attention to client reviews when seeking ideas for changes or enhancements. Make your voice heard. Don't miss the opportunity to share your feedback and get rewarded*. Leave a review now! Details and direct link to provide ...

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  • Write a review of your experience with IBM Event Streams , and you will receive a $25 gift card* via email as our thank you when your review is published on Trust Radius platform. Help other professionals like you to pick the right solution based on ...

  • Scenario You have an IBM MQ queue manager. An application is putting messages to a command queue. Another application gets these messages from the queue and takes actions in response. Objective You want multiple separate audit applications to ...

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  • Configuring IBM App Connect Enterprise to produce or consume messages from Kafka topics in IBM Event Streams requires careful configuration. In this post, I’ll share the steps I use that help me to avoid missing any required values. To illustrate this, ...

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