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Welcome to the IBM Event Streams community group for everyone who's using Kafka in their enterprise.  Expect to find discussion, blogging, other resources to help you get started and maintain your Kafka infrastructure.  IBM Event Streams is part of the IBM Cloud Pak for Integration and also available on IBM Cloud.

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    Using MirrorMaker 2

    MirrorMaker 2 is the Apache Kafka tool for replicating data across two Kafka clusters. You can use it to make a copy of messages on your Kafka cluster to a remote Kafka cluster running on a different data centre, and keep that copy up to date in the ...

  • written by Dale Lane and Andrew Borley You have a Kafka cluster that you have been using for a while. Your cluster has many topics, and the topics have many messages. Now you've decided to move to start using a new, different Kafka cluster ...

  • IBM Event Streams helps in deploying Production ready Apache Kafka on to Redhat Open Shift Cluster in minutes. IBM Event Streams deployment is production ready, Highly available and Secure. Each instance created is a Kafka Cluster. Event Streams ...

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