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The place for B2B Integration Practitioners to interact, share, and learn about:

  • IBM Sterling B2B Integrator
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  • IBM Gentran
  • IBM Sterling Transformation Extender
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  • IBM Sterling Global Mailbox
  • IBM Sterling Partner Engagement Manager

Additional Resources

  • IBM Sterling Supply Chain Business Network
  • IBM Sterling e-Invoicing
  • IBM Sterling Document Conversion
  • IBM Sterling Webforms
  • IBM Small Partner Automation


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  • Click here or utilized the following link to view our upcoming Data Exchange webinars. There is no charge to register and attend. www.ibm.biz/dataexchangeevents IBM Sterling Data Exchange is a portfolio of the latest reliable B2B data exchange ...

  • Author: Manisha Khond Title: Rebrand IBM Sterling File Gateway and myFileGateway User Interface in Certified Container (OpenShift) and Docker deployment Rebranding is a process of extending existing User interfaces to new look and feel. ...

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  • Introduction When a file is uploaded to Global Mailbox, the system puts an event on an IBM MQ queue to trigger processing in B2Bi/SFG. There is an adapter in B2Bi which consumes these events and launches the required Business Process to process the ...

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  • Global Mailbox: Purging of data This is part of a multi-part series on IBM Sterling Global Mailbox. What is Global Mailbox? IBM Sterling Global Mailbox helps companies address demands for high availability operations and redundancy with a robust ...

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  • Author: Manisha Khond Overview Sterling B2B Integrator uses a set of components to move business process data that has reached it’s specified lifespan out of the live database. These components include: Index Business Process service Backup ...

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