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The place for B2B Integration Practitioners to interact, share, and learn about:

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Additional Resources

  • Sterling B2B Integration SaaS (SCBN)
  • Sterling e-Invoicing
  • Sterling Document Conversion
  • Sterling Webforms
  • Small Partner Automation


Latest Blogs

  • Deploying multiple applications can been a challenge. Managing configurations, dependencies, and diverse environments can turn the process into a maze of complexities. However, I firmly believe that the installation process should be fast and simple. ...

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  • Installing IBM Sterling File Gateway and ITX / ITXA on Red Hat OpenShift Using Certified Container Table of Contents Introductory Notes Helm DB2 Installation ITXA Installation SFG Installation ...

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  • IBM Sterling B2B Integrator Certified Container deployment: Configure custom Init Containers IBM Sterling B2B Integrator and IBM Sterling File Gateway Certified Container helm charts provide an option to configure additional init containers for application ...

  • Setting up a remote Command Line Adapter2 (CLA2) for a Certified Container deployment The Command Line Adapter 2 (CLA2) is a second-generation adapter that enables Sterling B2B Integrator to run a program from a command line in a business process, ...

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  • Click here or utilized the following link to view our upcoming Data Exchange webinars. There is no charge to register and attend. IBM Sterling Data Exchange is a portfolio of the latest reliable B2B data exchange ...

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