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  • IBM Small Partner Automation
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  • Yesterday I just learned how to use REST APIs for SSPCM and it is awesome! However my question is: Is there an URI where you can check the server adapter status? I am asking this because (Without IBM Control Center) we don't have an automatic mode ...

  • It worked!! curl -k -H "X-Authentication: 4b51313272614c56454f57355573776c4a39347073773d3d" -X GET <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?><XmlResponse><httpCode>200</httpCode><httpStatus>OK</httpStatus><action>None</action><messageLevel>INFO</messageLevel><objectsList>{"userId":"someuser"}</objectsList><results/></XmlResponse> ...

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  • Co-authors: Adolfo Loustaunau and Brian Hall Imagine that you are in charge of all the B2B interactions between your company and its trading partners. Also, imagine that one of your company’s products is experiencing a sudden surge ...

  • Agenda for the LIVE IBM Sterling B2B Academy Client use cases, industry analyst round tables, Q&A sessions, and live product demos to build a smarter business and a resilient supply chain 14th October 2020: 15th October 2020: 1:00 ...

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  • Performance issues are very important in any enterprise system. When hundreds or thousands of partners and applications are connected together, complex interactions with unforeseen consequences are common. Frequently, this complexity leads to poor performance ...

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  • Great article by @Gerard Clancy on Peppol integration with the Sterling Supply Chain Business Network: https://community.ibm.com/community/user/supplychain/blogs/gerard-clancy/2020/08/26/ibm-peppol-on-the-van-made-easy ​

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  • Healthcare on FHIR - Managing Change in a Deluge of Data Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) has the promise to provide data interoperability for many different healthcare use cases. But the industry will need to conquer challenges ...