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  • IBM Sterling Supply Chain Business Network
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  • IBM Small Partner Automation
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  • Never miss out on new IBM Sterling blogs, discussions, webcasts or user groups – take 3 minutes to set up your Supply Chain Community digest subscription today. This video walks you through the simple steps required to subscribe to new content alerts ...

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  • Hi Raj, Thank you. I think we are not concerned about security during transmission as we are only using secure transport protocols SFTP or Connect:Direct. Only concern is data at rest issue. So, if we encrypt as first step of receiving file, what ...

  • Matthew, It is good to know that you were able to test and experience the behavior. Thank you. Based on your comments, resources having access to SFG UI could able to read file contents, which is not good for our business case. But atleast it is encrypted ...

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  • Great article by @Gerard Clancy on Peppol integration with the Sterling Supply Chain Business Network: https://community.ibm.com/community/user/supplychain/blogs/gerard-clancy/2020/08/26/ibm-peppol-on-the-van-made-easy ​

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  • Healthcare on FHIR - Managing Change in a Deluge of Data Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) has the promise to provide data interoperability for many different healthcare use cases. But the industry will need to conquer challenges ...

  • An IBM Sterling Virtual User Group for companies in the Industrial Market (Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, Electronics, Chemical & Petroleum and Industrial Products industries) will be held on August 26, from 10:45 am EST to 1:00 ...

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  • Recent global events have convinced companies with complex, global supply chains and multiple tiers of suppliers that they need a better way to engage with trading partners. Eliminating manual processes is a critical step on the path to more efficient ...

  • In times of great change companies must be agile and responsive to ensure that they maintain their businesses, which includes connecting and trading with all customers and suppliers, even the smallest. Automation can help. While disruptions, like the ...

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