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  • We want to know how you use the Supply Chain community so we can facilitate discussions and provide content that's relevant for you. There might be a topic you want to see covered more thoroughly, or maybe you want to see more blogs in the community. ...

  • Thanks Wendy ------------------------------ Pranjit Biswas ------------------------------

  • Hi Pranjit, Everything for the NRTE B2Bi/SFG v6.1.1 is all in the one Seismic asset: https://ibm.seismic.com/Link/Content/DCJxahVZg6YE2fOqQwN1_tyA . The presentation covers all 3 days and there is a posted video replay for each day in the Instructions. ...

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  • Collaborators: James Myers and Joseph Hall ​ “The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice” ...

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  • In the previous blog , we divided the B2B body of knowledge into different domains and segments. This blog will provide a guideline about where to get trained on B2B technology. There are four major sources of training in order acquire B2B ...

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    InFlight REST APIs

    Co-authored by Drew Myers (acmyers@us.ibm.com)​ Within IBM Sterling Supply Chain Business Network, InFlight shows the status of transfer and translation of electronic business data as it moves the network, allowing users to confirm ...

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  • “Education is not preparation for life; Education is life itself” - John Dewey Learning is not a finish line or a point destination. More than anything else, ...

  • Co-authored by @Carlos Chivardi and @Brian Hall This blog post is the third of three posts that explains the self-healing check and liveness probe feature of IBM Sterling Integrator Certified Containers (SICC), running on Red Hat Open ...

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