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  • Never miss out on new IBM Sterling blogs, discussions, webcasts or user groups – take 3 minutes to set up your Supply Chain Community digest subscription today. This video walks you through the simple steps required to subscribe to new content alerts ...

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  • Hi Paul, I could do with that! :-) Have you tried using the Excel adapter now available in ITX to write the data directly as an XLS instead of a CSV? I've only gone the other way as Rex Chan helped me put together a map to read an XLS and convert it ...

  • Hello Team, We have installed SEAS 2.4.3 on Linux and its running fine. We have also added the URL UI in the allowed site list for Java as well. But we are getting the following error when trying to open the JNLP file which gets downloaded when you click ...

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  • New Mapping Specialist training for IBM SCBN Available! Do you need to know how to create and manage your maps in IBM Sterling SCBN? Then, we have the IBM Map Editor course for you. The IBM Map Editor is used to translate and test the data ...

  • In our first blog, we provided an introduction to Configuration Hub , including an overview of how it empowers customers of IBM Sterling Supply Chain Business Network (SCBN) to make modifications to how data is processed through the network to support ...

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  • Do you face a constant barrage of changing business requirements to keep your supply chain running smoothly and efficiently? Do your trading partners send urgent requests to modify how data will flow between you – changes that need to go into production ...

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  • During my 17 years in the B2B Integration market, I’ve seen that a lack of automation among small volume trading partners has been a persistent source of pain for companies. In fact, according to a 2019 IDC survey, “more than 33% of organizations still ...

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  • Last month, IBM shared some exciting news , including the reintroduction of the IBM Sterling brand. As you well know, for years, Sterling has been synonymous with pioneering leadership in B2B integration and distributed order management. Today, IBM ...

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