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Welcome to the IBM MQ (formerly Websphere MQ) community group  for discussions, blogs, and other community resources on IBM MQ Cloud, IBM MQ on-premises, IBM MQ Appliance, and IBM MQ for z/OS. 
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  • Hi All, IBM MQ has released the following security bulletin detailing an affected IBM MQ Component. Please read the bulletin to determine whether you are affected and the steps to resolve: Additionally, ...

  • Hi Jim, I think the following answer your questions... No it's not blocked, it will get the next available message Yes it's immediately available for C1 or C2 to get again Nothing especially that relates to that basic example. QM attributes such ...

  • I haven't had a chance to code a test yet, but had a few questions about how MQ reacts when multiple consumers are reading from a queue and commit/rollback is being used. For example, say I have a single instance of Q1 and there are two consumers reading ...

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  • In November last year IBM released Java 11 support for z/OS . Prior to this Java 8 was the most recent supported version on the z/OS platform. I'm pleased to announce that MQ for z/OS 9.2 (LTS and CD releases) now support Java 11 when used with either ...

  • M orag's Q uirks This is part of an occasional series of small blog posts where I (Morag) will write about some of the quirks in IBM MQ, in the hope of invoking the response, "Well, I didn't know that!" Read other posts in this series . If you've ...

  • 2021 was a busy year for our customers and the whole IBM MQ team would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers for doing business with us. Our MQ teams worked incredibly hard to deliver innovative capabilities and engage with customers, ...

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