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  • Usually you would have a different connection pool for each QMGR. Utilising the same connection pool limits the number of overall connections to the limit set on the connection pool, not for each QMGR. It also makes the pool not really reusable since ...

  • Hi, do we have any way to check if each MQ manager are really using same MQSimpleConnectionManager, my code is basically as below, block start{ MQQueueManager qmgr1=new MQQueueManager(null,mqSimpleConMan); requestedQueue1=qmgr1.accessQueue(Q_Name, options) ...

  • Thank you Roger and Morag. ------------------------------ Peter Potkay ------------------------------

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  • Connectivity is king Connectivity needs are exploding. Every day more systems and services need connecting. There are new information sources, new systems of engagement and new services that can be deployed anywhere. Businesses who adapt fastest ...

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  • Many years back, I ran some performance comparisons for securing and encrypting data over MQ channels - comparing MQ with System SSL/TLS ciphers, against regular MQ channels protect using Application Transparent Transport Layer Security (AT-TLS), with ...

  • A couple of weeks ago I was invited to the WAS Customer Advisory Board to present on the MQ Appliance and the recent research paper: ' Reduce operational costs with the IBM MQ Appliance' . Here is the recording (requires membership of WebSphere Community ...

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