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  • **My response here is for David Peterson but the original question is valid to David Luce's original post** This is a precarious situation - the iOS device is part of an enrollment program meant specifically for enterprise use. I won't speculate too ...

  • After changing a policy on a specific iOS device, the dashboard shows the change but within a few minutes or the next sync the policy reverts to the previous one assigned prior to changing it. I have tried changing the default policy to the final policy ...

  • Hi David, I already opened one before, but if you think opening more tickets should push the solution faster.. ticket: TS004863308 ------------------------------ Jan Kulíř Presales Engineer - MDM / EMM O2 Czech Republic a.s. --------------------- ...

Latest Blogs

  • WHY USER RISK MANAGEMENT? The average cost of a data breach is $3.86M, according to a recent report by IBM Security. Remote work during COVID-19 is only expected to exacerbate the situation, increasing data breach costs, and incident response ...

  • I hope that everyone is familiar with Android Enterprise and the various management styles that have been supported by MaaS360 since it's inception in Android 5.0 (if not, check out this link ): Work Profile (often referred to as Profile Owner or PO) ...

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  • iOS device management has grown by leaps and bounds over the last few years. Apple seems to be taking user feedback more seriously and implementing features that both frustrate (deprecating strict features from non-supervised devices) and delight (non-DEP ...

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  • The most recent KuppingerCole Leadership Compass Report focuses on unified endpoint management (UEM) and names IBM as one of only six companies in the Overall Leaders segment. KuppingerCole, an international, independent analyst organization, specializes ...

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  • We are in full Android Enterprise fervor here at MaaS360 as Android 11 begins to permeate the market. Admins everywhere are beginning to execute their battle plans to make the changeover from the deprecated Device Admin style management over to Android ...

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