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  • Hi MaaS360 Administrators! I will be hosting a MaaS360 Deployment Checkpoint webinar with Jessica Alexander from our IBM Security Expert Labs team. We run these quarterly and refresh the content each session, so if you joined before you can join us ...

  • Hi Everyone, Many of you may be starting to enroll Android 12 devices shortly which Maas360 has provided zero day support for. It is important to take note of the expected behaviour changes for some features on the Maas360 Application which are outlined ...

  • Thanks Matt, that's great! A couple of follow-up questions: 1. For the first script to work, the user must be logged on as root? Which you probably won't allow your users to do(?). 2. The deployment of this script cannot be automated during enrollment? ...

Latest Blogs

  • Hi all This is a follow-up to my blog published in September, about changes in app deployment (see link at bottom of page). In it, I described how Android app deployment is changing, and how using APK files poses some security risk but is also no longer ...

  • The MaaS360 team is excited to announce the availability of same-day support for Windows 11, the newest Windows operating system from Microsoft. It is MaaS360s goal to provide continuity and consistency of features and functions if you are running devices ...

  • This third blog in the Integrating IBM MaaS360 with your Microsoft365 services is focused on existing customers who are considering migrating from Cloud Extender User Authentication and User Visibility with onprem Active Directory (OPAD) to cloud integration ...

  • Authored by Vandana Kukreja , co-authored by Sravanthi Teddu . IBM Security MaaS360 with Watson offers the capability for multiple administrators to manage a single account, however there needs to be a master administrator with a service administrator ...

  • As an IT admin you often manage multiple employee requirements across different geographies. One VPN configuration typically doesn’t work for every employee. So how do you ensure that different geographies get the VPN configuration they need? And how ...

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