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As a participant, connect with IBM subject matter experts and get answers to your biggest concerns. Also, share ideas, benchmarks, best practices, and lessons learned with other users. As a member of this online user community, you gain:
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IBM DataPower Resources

  • Learn more about IBM DataPower Gateway here.
  • What is driving containers adoption? read the datasheet here.

Latest Discussions

  • Hi Asim, DataPower will block any attempt to send a GET request with payload. The HTTP specification does not really forbid GET requests with payload but it says "A client SHOULD NOT generate content in a GET request unless it is made directly to ...

  • Hi Shanmuga, There is a SOMA request <man:do-view-certificate-details> <man:certificate-object>?</man:certificate-object> </man:do-view-certificate-details> so if you know your DataPower certificate object names, you could ...

  • You can use the XML management command "CryptoExport". There is another op "ViewCertificateDetails". Both ultimately export the certificate in Base64, which you'll have to decode from PEM and then read into something that can reveal the certificate ...

Latest Blogs

  • Datapower GitOps: Simplifying DevOps Introduction The goal of the Datapower GitOps is to have a single point of truth for the configuration of multiple Datapowers. This also allows the possibility to make a change only once ...

  • DataPower Operations Dashboard (DPOD) is no w available for API use cases with pricing that scales seamlessly with API call volumes with the Cloud Pak for Integration API Calls add-on What is DataPower Operations ...

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  • Application security is essential in any IT architecture. With software and applications deployed across multiple clouds, data centers, and architectures, today’s IT environments are complex and continue to expand at a rapid pace. Securely exposing mission-critical ...

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