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Statements regarding IBM's future direction and intent are subject to change or withdrawal without notice, and represent goals and objectives only.

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  • Thanks, Hisham. ------------------------------ Vivek Rao ------------------------------

  • Ok, this is good to know, and it makes sense. Thanks Ayyaps for the answer! ------------------------------ Joel Viale ------------------------------

  • Yes. we are getting this request from multiple quarters and it is part of the plan. However, the initial plan is to host the Mesh Manager (the Management and Policy plane for Hybrid Cloud Mesh) only on IBM Cloud, at GA. But as part of our vision, we ...

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  • During my 20 years of working in IP networks I’ve had more than a few horror stories when it comes to change control chaos. In recent years the majority of horror stories have been around cloud migration work. In theory, these kinds of changes ...

  • Your products and services are key to achieving profitable growth. For most IT companies those products and services are application-based and are the big driver for their cloud strategy. By placing your applications and services as close as possible ...

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