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This online user group is intended for IBM Security Trusteer product users to communicate with IBM experts, share advice and best practices with peers and stay up to date regarding product enhancements, regional user group meetings, webinars, how-to blogs and other helpful materials.

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  • The hardest part of zero trust is to trust selectively and appropriately. This becomes more difficult when sophisticated threats are in play. A common response to sophisticated threats is to use increased intervention (i.e. require MFA more often), but ...

  • Hi John Thank you for bringing up this excellent topic. In Zero Trust - the identity risk perspective is a core pillar to every user access. Essentially moving away from the core assumption that everyone is who they claim to be through authentication, ...

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    Zero Trust Security

    How does Trustseer compliement the Zero Trust Security Journey? ------------------------------ John Martin Senior Security Architect 30 Gaunt Street Auckland 006421744012 ------------------------------

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  • Just because a user presents an accurate user name, password, IP and geolocation does not mean the user is legitimate. The harsh fact is that today's IAM systems are based on a time-worn — maybe worn out? — static approach to assessing risk. The static ...

  • Co-authored by Shir Levin. Cutting through the mask of digital risk deception across accounts and customers IBM fraud analysts have had a busy few months. From April through June 2020 they helped one bank in Spain detect 10,000 fraudulent ...

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  • Co-authored by Ezra Maybruch. As the use of mobile devices grows exponentially in all industries, fraudsters are looking for innovative ways of exploiting this field. Consequently, IBM Security Trusteer Fraud Analytics has recently discovered ...

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  • As most readers here know, IBM Security Trusteer helps enterprises accelerate digital growth by seamlessly detecting fraud risk (including in IAM systems such as IBM Security Verify), establishing digital identity trust and simplifying access with frictionless ...

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  • Co-authored by Shir Levin The IBM Security Trusteer team just battled an interesting case of account takeover (ATO) fraud that targeted end-users of a large retail bank application in Japan. This application normally deals with around 200 fraud sessions ...

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