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This online user group is intended for IBM Security Trusteer product users to communicate with IBM experts, share advice and best practices with peers and stay up to date regarding product enhancements, regional user group meetings, webinars, how-to blogs and other helpful materials.

We invite you to participate and ask you to contact Community Manager Lauren Jensen with any questions.

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  • Nice case study, I reposted on linkedIn ------------------------------ alan kelly IBM Cork ------------------------------

  • Wouldn't our lives be easier if we could disallow fraud at the press of a button? I explore this idea — and reveal how the ReTrust security software prevents fraud and creates a frictionless customer experience — in a new blog published here on the ...

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  • Read the new Trusteer client case study! Find out how a bank in the U.S. state with the highest per capita rate of reported fraud is working to proactively shield customers from fraudulent account takeovers. To build digital identity trust, the bank deployed ...

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  • Is it possible to protect your customers while giving them a frictionless experience on your site or app? And can you keep fraudsters away without impacting the customer journey? These are some of the most relevant questions businesses of today ...

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  • Co-authored by Dani Abramov and Sivan Elber. Over the past few months, Trusteer threat researchers noticed a familiar Brazilian banking threat migrating to attack banks in Spain. It appears that Spanish cybercriminals, likely operating locally, ...

  • Co-authored by Nethanella Messer . Insights from IBM Trusteer Research This is a customer notification that denotes increased risk due to current malware targeting of your web and/or mobile applications. IBM Security Trusteer mobile ...

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