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On October 17, IBM announced Db2 Automation Expert for z/OS 1.1. This exciting new tool can help you improve efficiency, better meet business continuity goals and most importantly reduce IT costs. IBM also announced IBM Db2 Query Monitor for z/OS 3.4 and IBM Db2 High Performance Unload for z/OS 5.2. Learn more about these exciting product announcements -- read the announcement letter.

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    RE: JDBC - DB2 z/OS

    Yes, but will need to download Db2 jdbc driver and need a db2 connect license to connect to Db2 zos. Sent from my iPhone

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    RE: JDBC - DB2 z/OS

    I needed the .lic file on my system where the JDBC driver was installed. ------------------------------ Phill Baker ------------------------------

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    RE: JDBC - DB2 z/OS

    Hi Renato, You will need a license for Db2 Connect. Most companies are licensed so you should reach out to your DBAs or license administrators. Jørn ------------------------------ Jørn Thyssen Principal Solutions Advisor Rocket Software -- ...

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  • Hi. Can I execute queries via JDBC on DB2 V12 z/OS without having to purchase DB2 Connect? For example using the "DBeaver" software. Thanks. #Db2 Tools for z/OS ------------------------------ Renato Almeida de Brito ----------- ...

  • The PWH is useful, repectively is needed, if you want to use the IBM Db2 SQL PA launch capability from your 3270 (enh3270, Classic) real-time monitoring panels, or if you want to use the PE Client PWH GUI Processes (CRD, Report, & Load). Regards ...

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  • To make it easier for new IBM Db2 for z/OS Administration Foundation customers to obtain the products that are needed to set up an initial Db2 Admin Foundation environment, the latest release of Db2 Admin Foundation, 1.2.1, now includes IBM Unified Management ...

  • In IBM Db2 Administration Tool, you can define your own primary commands, in addition to the commands that ship with the product. After you define a primary command , it can then be issued from any command line in the product. For example, you can ...

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  • Spark is an open source distributed processing system that can store large data sets and quickly run repeated queries against data of any size. Due to its speed and its ability to handle large datasets with ease, Spark is now a popular data source. With ...

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  • You can use Db2 Object Comparison Tool to compare the definitions of existing Db2 objects from different sources, such as your product and test systems. Object Comparison Tool can subsequently synchronize these sources by making the relevant changes ...

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  • Use this session to learn about IBM Db2 Automation Expert for z/OS a new product offering that brings intelligence and automation to Db2 maintenance, eliminating the need for deep z/OS skills. By offering a rich API library ...

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  • Business today heavily relies on data analysis to make crucial business decisions. When it comes to data analysis, it is important to understand the quality of the data. Various aspects contribute to data quality with common checks involving the identification ...

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