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On October 17, IBM announced Db2 Automation Expert for z/OS 1.1. This exciting new tool can help you improve efficiency, better meet business continuity goals and most importantly reduce IT costs. IBM also announced IBM Db2 Query Monitor for z/OS 3.4 and IBM Db2 High Performance Unload for z/OS 5.2. Learn more about these exciting product announcements -- read the announcement letter.

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  • use this session to learn about IBM Db2 Automation Expert for z/OS a new product offering that brings intelligence and automation to Db2 maintenance, eliminating the need for deep z/OS skills. By offering a rich API library ...

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  • Business today heavily relies on data analysis to make crucial business decisions. When it comes to data analysis, it is important to understand the quality of the data. Various aspects contribute to data quality with common checks involving the identification ...

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  • The following video shows how to invoke REST services that are provided by Db2 Admin Tool. The example used in this video is the grant management REST service. https://video.ibm.com/channel/24061261/video/aoc-gmrest This video is the ...

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  • Db2 Query Monitor: Exporting Custom Views (V3.3/V3.4) By Tom Glaser Date: January 2024 Features Db2 Query Monitor enables you to: Collect, summarize, and display SQL resource consumption down to the level ...

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  • IBM Db2 Query Monitor – Configuring AT-TLS Introduction The IBM Db2 Query Monitor CAE server offers many advantages and features, such as web-based UI, consolidation of performance data from Db2 data sharing group members, alerting, automated actions, ...

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Latest Discussions

  • The PWH is useful, repectively is needed, if you want to use the IBM Db2 SQL PA launch capability from your 3270 (enh3270, Classic) real-time monitoring panels, or if you want to use the PE Client PWH GUI Processes (CRD, Report, & Load). Regards ...

  • Hi Thomas, just to make sure: there is a Performance Database (PDB) and a Performance Warehouse (PWH) in OMEGAMON Db2. Both features are optional. PDB is used to store performance metrics from SMF, GTF or user initiated traces over a longer period of ...

  • We got this resolved with IBM Support. We had set PERFORMANCEWAREHOUSE=YES in both members of the data sharing group which caused some corruption to occur. We changed one of the members to NO, dropped the DB2PM database and bounced the stc, which recreated ...

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