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Questions about statistics, implementation, coding, general troubleshooting? You're in the right place. Ask us here in the SPSS Statistics community discussion forum and get answers from other users and experts worldwide.

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  • Hello Curtis, Thank you for your help. I uninstalled SPSS 29 from drive Z:\ and reinstalled it to drive C:\. I did not create a new directory because when I ran SPSS 29 from drive C:\ and ZEROINFL again, a different error occurred: So I opened a ...

  • Hi. I think you should handle through SPSS support, who would like me to pass this on to you: Due to privacy issues, SPSS Licensing requests which require exchange of confidential information such as IBM Customer Number, Authorization Code, email address, ...

  • Hello, I am requesting for assistance with activation license for my SPSS package. Product name SPSS version 25 Lock Code 4-2313E ------------------------------ Bernadette Kalundu ------------------------------

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  • Just after IBM SPSS Statistics version 29 released, a bug was discovered related to saving data to Excel or other formats. Although the syntax had no problems, the dialog sub-system was missing some key functionality. The issue was quickly diagnosed ...

  • In 2008, I wrote the GATHERMD extension command for SPSS Statistics. It was one of the first such commands. It got an update in 2009 to enable language translation, but it had not been touched until this month (October, 2022) except in the bulk conversion ...

  • We are proud to announce the general availability of IBM SPSS Statistics 29. This release includes a new survival model procedure , open source extension procedures, UI and workbook enhancements. As part of the release, we will be holding a Tech Talk ...

  • The custom dialog builder feature in IBM SPSS Statistics has long existed as a means to produce custom user interfaces that generate syntax for driving user-defined backend extensions. This is a valuable capability that enables educators, administrators ...

  • Power analysis plays a pivotal role in study plan, design, and execution. For example, when data is difficult, expensive, or time-consuming to gather, it is vital to know beforehand how many observations will be necessary to have an acceptable probability ...

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