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  • Hi @R Azuma The IBM SPSS Statistics Documentation contains Case Studies for just this purpose - explaining our procedures. Here is a case study regarding the GLM Repeated Measures functionality. This procedure is part of the IBM SPSS Statistics ...

  • Hi @Odile Chevalley , What version of IBM SPSS Statistics (or Statistics Subscription) are you using? the initial splash screen when you launch the product will tell you the version and build. Also you could use the "Help -> About" menus on ...

  • How do you perform a repeated measures ANOVA with a covariate? Murre (2021) published a replication a famous study by Godden & Baddeley (1975) where they examined the effect of encoding/retrieval contexts. There were 4 groups of subjects with the following ...

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  • There have been a number of IBM SPSS Statistics Support cases opened where the overarching description is that the user successfully installs IBM SPSS Statistics and then tries to launch it, but that launch fails for one reason or another. This blog ...

  • OVERVIEW TAB- A BIRD’S-EYE VIEW OF YOUR DATA SPSS Statistics- Version 29.0.1, brings a host of new features, UX / UI enhancements, new models for analysis and a lot more. These additions and enrichments are incorporated into the programme to ...

  • Post Compute Calculations on IBM SPSS Statistics Pivot Tables Jon K. Peck 2/20/2023 Table of Contents Introduction . 1 A Simple Comparison of Two Variables . 2 Post Compute with a Condition . 5 A More ...

  • Batch Reporting and Processing with IBM SPSS Statistics Jon K. Peck, Feb 1, 2023 Introduction Do you periodically have to prepare reports for individuals or groups of SPSS or non-SPSS clients where the reports are similar but need to use groups ...

  • Just after IBM SPSS Statistics version 29 released, a bug was discovered related to saving data to Excel or other formats. Although the syntax had no problems, the dialog sub-system was missing some key functionality. The issue was quickly diagnosed ...

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