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  • I need help, please. Could anyone assist me in downloading the full version of CPLEX (Academic License)? I've tried these steps: "For quick access to CPLEX Optimization Studio through this program, go to . Click on Software, ...

  • Many links in ------------------------------ [Alex] [Fleischer] [Data and AI Technical Sales] [IBM] ------------------------------

  • That worked beautifully!! There are so many functions that sometimes, even if I seek for a solution, it is hard to gather all the pieces together to make it work!! ;) Thanks ------------------------------ Samuele Viaro ------------------------- ...

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  • Decision Optimization Java models can now be deployed in Watson Machine Learning. By using the Java worker API, you can create optimization models with OPL, CPLEX, and CP Optimizer Java APIs. You can now easily create your models locally, package them ...

  • In the realm of complex decision-making, organizations face numerous challenges in maximizing efficiency, minimizing costs, and achieving optimal outcomes. Decision optimization, a powerful field of study, offers advanced techniques and algorithms to ...

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  • The landscape of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Science has been evolving at an unprecedented pace, with advancements in computing power, algorithms, and data storage capacities. One of the most promising developments in recent times has been the ...

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  • Change of server for CPLEX Optimization Studio Subscription

    As announced to subscribers in early May, and to align with changes in IBM Cloud, we have changed the address of the server that provides license validation.

    If you have a CPLEX Optimization Studio subscription, this requires a simple action on your part to update the server address.

    Please set the variable CPLEX_STUDIO_KEY_SERVER to

    For example, on Windows in a command prompt:

    Or on Mac/Linux, in a terminal window:
    echo 'export CPLEX_STUDIO_KEY_SERVER=""' >> ~/.zshrc

    The old server address has been discontinued.