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Welcome to the community group for API Connect users to discuss, blog, and share resources. Here, you can share best practices and ask questions about all things API Connect including API Manager, DataPower Gateway, Developer portal, Developer toolkit, Cloud manager and more.


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  • Hello Akshay, Was this an existing subscription prior to adding the server or did you add the subscription after the Datapower sync? Can you verify the subscription exist from dev portal or APIM server? ------------------------------ CHARLES COBLE ...

  • Hello Everyone, We have added user registery in cloud manager console. After cloud manager console setting we are unable to configure API Manager user registery. We are getting user already exist error for API Manager user registery. Please advice for ...

  • Hello Everyone, We are unable to fetch any logs on API Connect Analytics also. ------------------------------ Akshay Sawant ------------------------------

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  • IBM relies on users like you to share your experience with IBM API Connect. People trust you - Peer review sites are getting more popular, with 45% of people using reviews as a key part of their purchase decision. When people look up reviews, your company's ...

  • Many popular neobanks ( Revolutе , Monzo , N26 , and others) have the function of sending money by phone number. We would like not only to tell you how this feature is applied but also to provide a ready-made solution (the implementation ...

  • Expert Labs Training is pleased to announce the availability of the new Create, Secure, and Publish APIs with IBM API Connect 10 course. This 5-day course teaches you how to configure a newly built API Connect 10 environment. In this course, you learn ...

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