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Welcome to the community group for API Connect users to discuss, blog, and share resources. Here, you can share best practices and ask questions about all things API Connect including API Manager, DataPower Gateway, Developer portal, Developer toolkit, Cloud manager and more.


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  • Hello Team, I am getting " Value of header 'Authorization' is invalid" 500 error for some request. Kindly describe error. While calling API, we are using Client ID, Client Secret and Authorization in header. ------------------------------ Jyoti Yadav ...

  • Hi Akshay, I guess you need to elaborate a little more on your question, but syncing API Manager with DataPower Gateway on V5 is just adding the gateway on the API Cloud Manager, on services and this is done automatically. ------------------------------ ...

  • Hello Team, We will perform DR activity for Production purpose. Can you guide us how we can sync both DataPower & APIConnect as well ------------------------------ Akshay Sawant ------------------------------

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  • Expert Labs Training is pleased to announce the availability of the new Create, Secure, and Publish APIs with IBM API Connect 10 course. This 5-day course teaches you how to configure a newly built API Connect 10 environment. In this course, you learn ...

  • Congratulations to this year's IBM Champions! We are so thrilled to recognize these individuals who have gone above and beyond in the Integration area, API Connect. For more information on the IBM Champions program, please check out the blog post " Creating ...

  • Introduction The API Connect Developer Portal is your API consumers’ public access point and source of documentation and information about your APIs. It is often internet-facing and is normally branded with your corporate logos and colours. It is therefore ...

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