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  • Hi Jennifer, Sorry for the delay in response. I'm glad you were able to get it working. The configuration being marked as external is expected, as the source of the configuration is the ConfigMap(s). Thus any changes (which are to persist) to the configuration ...

  • I got this working again, what I did was create a log target manually that worked on the appliance (in the openshift pod). Then I compared what I had in my configMap with the contents of the working syslog target. I updated my configMap to make them ...

  • Hi, How to connect and use App ID service to sync with API Connect & APP Connect & other applications. Any reference link or document for this app id. ------------------------------ Suraj Sakpal ------------------------------

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  • Come listen to Morris , our technical lead for API Gateway talk about GraphQL - Advantages, challenges, and how to overcome them on Dec 6 at 9:00 AM PST. Register here to learn more - https://www.crowdcast.io/e/graphql-advantages/register ...

  • “ Demand for APIs, fueled by new business models, application development trends and the urgency of modernization, is directing software engineering leaders to the diverse, evolving market for full life cycle API management products.” ...

  • A foundational element of innovation in today’s app-driven world is the APIs. From banks, retail, transportation to IoT, autonomous vehicles and smart cities, APIs are a critical part of any modern mobile, SaaS and web applications. APIs can be found ...

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