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It’s a journey to achieve trusted, business-ready data and AI. Don’t go at it alone! This online community is intended for DataOps technology users to share their questions, challenges, and learnings across industry peers and IBM experts. It is also the best place to learn about product enhancements, user group meetings, and new helpful content for the success of your DataOps practice. Join the conversation!

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  • Hi everyone, You can watch the on-demand recording here and download the slides here. Please share any of your questions below. ------------------------------ Robert Jackson Jones ------------------------------

  • Summary Metadata management is a critical foundation of a well-designed data management architecture. Evolving challenges with data management have driven the adoption of active metadata management that infuses machine learning to automate metadata ...

  • Summary Strong data governance is critical for capturing value from data. When choosing a data governance solution, organizations should look for capabilities that empower them to improve data trust, protection, and compliance and enable the ...

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  • Metadata management performs a critical role within the modern data management stack. It helps blur data silos, and empowers data and analytics teams to better understand the context and quality of data. This, in turn, builds trust in data and the decision-making ...

  • As part of their due diligence, IT decision makers are turning to online reviews. In fact, 97% of IT buyers indicate they rely on peer recommendations, ratings, and reviews when buying business software. The Analyst firms know this all too well, and ...

  • By Pat O’Sullivan and Lena Woolf In this post, you will learn how to define custom asset types and catalog custom assets. The assets governed as part of a Watson Knowledge catalog environment do not exist in an isolated bubble within the enterprise. ...

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  • This blog was cowritten with Sonia Mezzetta There are several publications on what DataOps is and its technological benefits associated with streamlining data management. However, what are the tangible business benefits to drive adoption of this ...

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