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    RE: FCM 2.0

    Yes, the newer FCMs are compatibile and supercede the original FCMs. All FlashSystem 7200s and FlashSystem 9200s are shipped with the newer FCMs. (FCM2 is not the official name, but yeah, FCM2 :) )

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    RE: FCM 2.0

    From IBM sales manual, the feature code for FCM1.0 (#ADS1, #ADS2, #ADS3) ​​​is no longer available as of April 11th 2020. The FCM2.0 (#ADS5, #ADS6, #ADS7, #ADS8) is the replacement. IBMer can confirm it for you.​​​ ------------------------------ Edward ...

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    RE: FCM 2.0

    Matt, is FCM 2.0 what ships with the 7200 and 9200? ------------------------------ Jonathan Fosburgh Principal Application System Analyst The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center Houston TX 713-745-9346 ------------------------------

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  • The DS8900 was introduced 3Q2019 as an all flash storage array with industry leading low latency. The transition to flash only arrays includes benefits far beyond just performance. Flash storage technology allows for less energy use and reduces ...

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  • iSER has been called – “ a bridge to the future .” To better understand how this statement may be true, it’s important to note that the future, in terms of information technology, will be given to the fast, the large, the smart, and the cloudy. For ...

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  • Flash storage continues to mature as vendors including IBM, Dell EMC, HPE, Hitachi Vantara, and Pure Storage adopt the latest technologies including NVMe, low-cost QLC flash, and Intel Optane while using software to help squeeze even more performance. ...

  • https://developer.ibm.com/storage/category/flash-storage

  • IBM Copy Services Manager (CSM), the follow on product of TPC for Replication, became generally available on 11. Dec. 2015. IBM Copy Services Manager is available as stand-alone installation for IBM Z z/OS as well as for various distributed server platforms ...

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