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Paula Curtis: Helping a school system discover business insights and serve students

Greeted with a warm smile and elegant poise, we meet Paula Curtis. A business analyst and project manager working with the Atlanta Public Schools (APS) system in Atlanta, Georgia. Her role is no easy task because more than 50,000 students attend 103 sites, including elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, single-gender academies, charter schools, and an adult learning center. But data is her forte, and she conveys a calm confidence to get people the answers they need. MORE >


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Covid-19 Tracker

Track reported COVID-19 cases near you and help you stay informed. Use data-rich tools to get currently available information from various official sources about the reach of the coronavirus, down to the county level in the United States. 

TI Process – Create Time Dimension

The Create Time Dimension Turbo Integrator process enables users to Instantly create a time dimension in Planning Analytics for a specific year that is specified as a parameter.

Dataset – Banking Loss Events

Analyze data for yourself with a free dataset based in the financial industry containing seven years of loss events including net loss, recovery amount, region, and risk sub-category.

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