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Ryan Dolley partners up to facilitate change with analytics

Immediately following his client, Heather Gardner, for a filmed interview at Data and AI Forum in Miami, we meet Ryan Dolley of PMsquare, a full-service IBM Analytics business partner. Ryan is the Director of Technology, and PMsquare has a longstanding relationship with Alliant Energy, a utility company based in Madison, Wisconsin. Ryan says, “we guide companies through the whole process of using IBM Analytics.” Ryan specializes in helping people understand the power of analytics solutions, how they can license and, deploy them, and he collaborates on project design and delivery.

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Covid-19 Tracker

Track reported COVID-19 cases near you and help you stay informed. Use data-rich tools to get currently available information from various official sources about the reach of the coronavirus, down to the county level in the United States. 

TI Process – Create Time Dimension

The Create Time Dimension Turbo Integrator process enables users to Instantly create a time dimension in Planning Analytics for a specific year that is specified as a parameter.

Dataset – Banking Loss Events

Analyze data for yourself with a free dataset based in the financial industry containing seven years of loss events including net loss, recovery amount, region, and risk sub-category.

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