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Stephanie Wagenaar, the problem-solver: Using AI-infused analytics to establish trust

Stephanie Wagenaar is a senior manager at BOLD, based in Baarn, the Netherlands. BOLD is a consultancy firm that supports businesses by combining strategies with their hands-on “analyze, advise, execute” approach, and offering “turnarounds, transformations, and transactions.” Stephanie focuses on the transformation aspect of this equation in their newest offering launching in autumn 2020:

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What’s New on the IBM Accelerator Catalog

The IBM Accelerator Catalog is a free platform to showcase and share both expertise and assets. The goal is to help our users get acquainted with our products and demonstrate what they are capable of. The Accelerator Catalog is meant to be inclusive of all our users regardless of which skill level. 

Performance Tuning and Monitoring for Cognos BI

Cognos Analytics is but a part of a complex software and hardware environment. A single bottleneck in either the software or hardware has a ripple effect for the entire system. We have compiled a list of the most common software and hardware bottlenecks and how to monitor the system for them.

COVID-19 related travel restrictions

One of the first measures taken against the spread of SARS-CoV2 Coronavirus has been governments implementing international travel restrictions across the world. This led to restrictions imposed by various authorities and these restrictions are changing quite often. Natural language processing was used to extract country-specific travel restrictions mentioned in numerous sources and visualized in this dashboard.


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