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Read, ask questions and comment on DevOps topics including best practices related to DevOps tools, culture and process. Learn about GitLab for IBM which is an end-to-end DevOps platform, and news about the GitLab-IBM partnership, among many other topics.
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  • Hi Kevin, The blog is updated with the IBM Documentation link as well so they're all in one place. Let us know ...

  • It turns out, the Jenkins pipeline for this is just like deploy pipeline. For this example, my custom UCDeploy application is called "my-custom-app", the environment is "staging", the process is "glFetch". That process takes two arguments, appShort ...

  • Thanks, Henk! I will be digging in. I might suggest putting your link into the Community page that I referenced. Internet searches are landing on that page and I bet all like me are having the same question I had. Kevin

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  • Divya: First and foremost, congratulations on being nominated as a new IBM Champion. How does it feel and what does it mean to you? Sachin: My journey with IBM started 20 years ago as a Rational Test technical consultant. I then moved on to start ...

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  • A lot has been made of the “levels of DevOps maturity”. A quick Google of “DevOps maturity” results in a long list of graphs, diagrams and self-tests to indicate the beginning, middle and Nirvana stages of DevOps capabilities. I think a good way to ...

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