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Welcome to the community group for discussion, blogging, and other community resources about IBM App Connect, IBM Integration Bus, and their industry packs, including App Connect as part of IBM Cloud Pak for Integration, on IBM Cloud, IBM App Connect Enterprise software and certified container, and more.

For discussion and community resources for IBM App Connect as part of the IBM Cloud Paks for Integration, see also the IBM Cloud Paks for Integration community group.


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  • As I was encountering the same exception " A Loadable Implementation Library (.lil, .jar, or .par) is not found for message flow node type 'com_ibm_broker_supportpac_pgp_PGPEncrypterNode' in message flow " following the same steps. As per Matthias advice ...

  • Hi Matthias, You need to download the separate Linux install. ​ ------------------------------ James E. (Jim) Berube Technical Account Manager (TAM) - Specialist, IBM Expertise Connect, IBM Expert Labs IBM Software ------------------------------

  • Hi All in my personal dev environment ( I usually deploy bar files into the same machine. If I wanted to deploy a Bar File into a local, virtual unix machine. Does the Windows zip contain the unix runtime, if so, where ...

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  • We aim to provide regular quarterly mod releases for ACE 12, which contain both new features and regular maintenance: IBM App Connect Enterprise was released in May 2021. IBM App Connect Enterprise was released in September 2021 ...

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  • The decision to outsource mobile app development, particularly to offshore developers, is a crucial step to consider whether at the very beginning of a project or nearing the drop deadline. It is hard to believe that mobile apps were only introduced into ...

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  • This article is part of a series. For the whole series list see here In Part 1 we discussed what a Kubernetes Operator is, and the reasons why we chose to create one for IBM App Connect. In this part, we’ll delve into what the Operator does, ...


  • New version of IAM3 Message Broker Node for log4j SupportPac published

    Formerly known as SupportPac IAM3, the latest version of node-for-log4j is now published on OT4I.

    This SupportPac provides the IBM App Connect Enterprise, IBM Integration Bus and WebSphere Message Broker message flow processing node for log4j and offers the ability to use the log4j logging framework from within your flows. 
    The new version is now based on log4j v2, log4j v1 is no longer supported.

    Clients visiting the SupportPac page will be redirected to OT4I for details of the latest release information and downloads.

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