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Welcome to the community group for discussion, blogging, and other community resources about IBM App Connect, IBM Integration Bus, and their industry packs, including App Connect as part of IBM Cloud Pak for Integration, on IBM Cloud, IBM App Connect Enterprise software and certified container, and more.

For discussion and community resources for IBM App Connect as part of the IBM Cloud Paks for Integration, see also the IBM Cloud Paks for Integration community group.

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  • Hi GOWDHAMAN, I saw that you had a conversation with another IBMer directly and found out that this is something that will be available in a future release . I just wanted to come back and say that here so that if anyone else has the same question, ...

  • Hi Trevor. I understand the webserver is very stripped down and not really a server, but since default logging only starts from when the flow is called, that part of the process is a black box. If something goes wrong some basic logging could be very ...

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  • Authored by @RAMKUMAR RAMALINGAM , Priyadarshi Jena & Owen Jeffs IBM App Connect is an integration solution powered by Automation and AI technology allowing businesses to easily and rapidly connect people, processes, and data across ...

  • With the current focus across the industry on containerization, it may seem like the older solutions such as integration nodes are almost deprecated, but this impression is wide of the mark and nowhere more so than in pipelines. Modern software development ...

  • The industry-wide move to continuous integration (CI) build and test presents a challenge for the integration world due to the number and variety of resource dependencies involved, such as databases, MQ-based services, REST endpoints, etc. While it is ...

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