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  • Hi Good Day To All,' We are currently receiving this error on Planning Analytics Workspace when opening a book the error says " Failed to open the target workbook. Make sure that the file has not been renamed or deleted. " But there are times the books ...

  • Yes and thank Paul. I fixed my issue. ------------------------------ Vivien ------------------------------

  • Hi Vivien, I suspect you are working with PAW34 local, right? Here is a link to PAW local ------------------------------ ...

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  • In case you don't follow Ali Duran (Global Business Analytics Tech Lead at IBM) I thought that I would share a challenge that he posted. As you can see in his LinkedIn post he invited his followers to create build an inter-company elimination ...

  • IBM Planning Analytics has recently changed the system that sends email communications to our customers. If those emails are not reaching your inbox, here are some tips: Ask your mail/IT administrator add/white-list the following information below in ...

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  • Submitted by Andreas Kugelmeier, Executive Consultant, FOPM; Planning Analytics Architect, IBM The IBM® Planning Analytics Solution for Allocations & Profitability Modeling leverages an Allocations Engine based on proven, IBM-developed Allocation ...

  • As of version 2.0.35, IBM Planning Analytics Workspace uses an optional column-based visualization model. This is a significant enhancement that eliminates the need to worry about a defined measures dimension when creating visualizations. However, you'll ...

  • We're bringing Think 2019 to San Francisco next year, and we couldn't be more excited! I know you're interested in hearing all the big announcements as soon as possible, so I have some good news. You can sign up now for Think updates and be the first ...

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