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  • As others have mentioned this appears to be an issue with feeders (or lack of feeders). When a rule derived cells are not fed the impact is that any consolidations on top of those rule derived cell will be empty. In cases were you don't care about the ...

  • I'm not sure there is a great answer to this question. You could do a full backup and restore to a new 2.0.43 environment (create a new 2.0.43 environment just for this issue). Then you could use LifeCycle Management to export and import books and ...

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  • Have you heard about IBM Planning Analytics , the evolution of IBM TM1? IBM Planning Analytics is an integrated planning solution. It is not only streamlining our customers’ planning processes, it is also providing customers with the functionality ...

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  • Allocations and Profitability are two sides of the same coin. While the profitability of an entire firm may be easily apparent (“take Revenue and subtract Expenses”), there is true analytical value to looking at profitability at a more granular level, ...

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  • Do you need to come up to speed with IBM Planning Analytics? Don't want to wake up at 3am your time to attend a webinar? Do you wish you could simply try out technology without having to talk to a sales person? If you answered yes to any ...

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  • Read the complete blog here on IBM Big Data & Analytics Hub: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ IBM Planning Analytics receives top ranks ...

  • By default, Line and Column visualizations use separate vertical axis value ranges for the two measures in a visualization. In some circumstances when your visualization contains two similar measures, this can result in a visualization that, while accurate, ...

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