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  • An IDC Study came out end of last year that surveyed many companies in depth about the value they were seeing from their IBM Sterling B2B Data Exchange investments. This study is definitely worth a read if you are a current or prospective IBM Sterling ...

  • I've been trying to find a way to write a query that can track the business processes/correlations to the same PO #. Here's an example: My Customer submitted PO#1234 to an FTP and Sterling picked it up (this gets trackingID 66254618) Sterling translates ...

  • Posting a new update... I was able to download the ITX package V11.0 from IBM Downloads Page. ------------------------------ Ana Luisa Juarez Ibarra ------------------------------

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  • As B2B collaboration is hitting new heights to meet today’s demands, t here has been a continuous shift in B2B integration middleware and MFT solutions, where files and information are shared at business speed in a trading partner ecosystem At ...

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