Tammy Ziegler

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Tammy has over 22 years of proven success as a technology professional. She has a background in various industries including computer software, CRM/ERP, finance, manufacturing/engineering, and public sector. Tammy has a proven track record of building strong and efficient teams, developing quality products, establishing and maintaining internal and external relationships and keeping moral within and around her organization.

She has an intense technical background in software development, software consulting and technical sales. She has technical skills in many programming languages and scripts and with multiple hardware/OS platforms. Some of her merits include; designing and creating critical middleware systems for AT&T, authoring and implementing public safety software, and work on software messaging systems for the US military.

Specialties: InfoSphere Optim, Data Governance, Process engineering, Strong Leadership skills, Software Programmer, Problem Solving/Analysis, Solutions Delivery, customer facing, negotiation skills, Unix/Linux, Windows, C/C++, Java, Assembly, Perl, Cobol, PL/I, RPG, Pascal, Fortran, Basic, VB, HTML/XML/XSL, Javascript, SQL, Shell Script, JSP, OO methodologies.