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  • 1.  simple search

    Posted Wed July 20, 2022 08:20 AM
    how i can enable the Review result summaries with hit highlighting to confidently navigate content ?
    following this article :
    What's New in FileNet Content Manager 5.5.8 and Content Navigator 3.0.11 (

    moshe elbaz
    Tel AVIV

  • 2.  RE: simple search

    Posted Tue July 26, 2022 12:11 PM
    Hello Moshe,

    you'll need to have Content Search Services (CSS) Text Search enabled for your FileNet Content Manager repository,
    and as Content Navigator (ICN) you'll need to add the SimpleSearch feature to the desktop configuration (ICN Admin => Desktops => Layout .

    As far as I know that's all there is to it.

    Mathias Korell

  • 3.  RE: simple search

    Posted Wed July 27, 2022 02:02 PM

    FYI  - we are hoping to add this information to the P8 KC in the next release:

    Performance and storage costs

    For both static and dynamic summaries, a portion of the indexed text for a document is retained in the full-text index for generating the summary. By default, the maximum amount of this retained text is 512 characters for static summaries and 10 K characters for dynamic summaries. The difference in these default values indicates how large the retained text must be for dynamic summaries to be functionally effective. Of more significance, however, is the way that retained text must be stored. Roughly, additional disk space for 4 times the number of characters to be retained is required. As a result, a full-text index with dynamic summary holds fewer documents compared to same size full-text index with static or no summary.


    In addition to this storage cost, dynamic summaries cause slower performance for indexing and searching because of the following factors:


    • Increased disk I/O

    The greater amount of retained text for dynamic summaries means more disk I/O to write and read that text. This increased disk I/O affects both indexing and searching.


    • Increased full-text index sizes

    The greater amount of retained text for dynamic summaries increases the size of the full-text indexes. Generally, indexing and searching tend to be slower for larger indexes than for smaller indexes.


    • Increased processing

    A dynamic summary requires that the relevant text fragments be found and the positions of the search hits within those fragments be calculated. CBR queries run more slowly because of this increased processing.



    How to enable dynamic summary and hit highlighting

    1. In the ACCE administration tool.  Expand the object store (which is  CBR enabled) and change to the object store's Properties tab.  Scroll down the list of properties until you see the "CBR Summary ..." properties and make the following changes.


    CBR Summary Type  Dynamic

    CBR Summary Indexing Size 1024

    CBR Results Size  1024


    Save your changes. * Important* this will ONLY work if the word or term searched for exists in the first 1024kb of the document.


    1. In the ACCE administration tool, you will need to reindex all your content for that object store. Alternatively, you can add test content and see if what you configured now works. Search using the guideline on step 3.


    1. In ICN, enable content summaries in the Results Display settings of an ICN search. To enable the dynamic content summaries, bring up ICN > New search > search > click on "Results Display" > Check "Enable content summaries (Text search only)"

    RUTH Hildebrand-Lund