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This user group is designed for open interaction among IBM customers in records management, information governance, IT, etc who are using FileNet, CM8, and/or CMOD for unstructured data that requires governance with IBM Enterprise Records. IBM Enterprise Records does not have to be owned or deployed to be a participant.

This user group started in June 2016 in the Southeast US then expanded to all of North America and now include participants in Europe.

The original parameters were:

-Meet virtually

-One Hour every other month

-Hosted by Allen Barnes

-Target face-to-face once a year with show and tell


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  • Yes, the OOTB destroy workflow will not destroy a record unless it is approved for destruction. Best, Eric ------------------------------ Eric Walk Director O: 617-453-9983 | NASDAQ: PRFT | ------------------------------

  • Again... We configured a custom disposition process (not using the OOTB workflow). Reviewer gets two rounds (90 day, 30 day) to review. After their second review, if no action (i.e., Approve), items are still destroyed. So, the OOTB workflow would ...

  • Hi Amanda, If I understand your statement correctly, you are not using Auto Destroy, but your custom process is still destroying records even though a reviewer has not approved it. Is that correct? From a technical standpoint, that should not be ...

  • Hey Amanda, I've certainly had clients ask for a workflow that forces review of every document before destruction. They live to regret it and revert because they don't realize the volume of records requiring review on a daily or weekly basis (or, more ...

Leaders and Liaisons

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  • Enterprise Records User Group Steering Committee

    Please Welcome your Steering Committee:

    Karen Axtell, Information Technology and Records Management

    Hennepin County – Health and Human Services

    Georgi Bahtchevanov, Director, ECM Practice

    Genus Technologies

    Gene Stakhov
    , CRM, CIP, Information Architect

    Eric Walk, Senior Information Architect


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  • Hopefully, everyone got to express their gratitude to Susan Whitmire as she transitioned leadership to the Steering Committee before her retirement (And Allen Barnes stepped up to be the IBM Liaison). Look for communication from Allen about future meetings. ...