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Daeja viewer Deprecation of Email Render = 1

  • 1.  Daeja viewer Deprecation of Email Render = 1

    Posted Wed September 20, 2023 12:46 PM

    Hi everyone,

    after a recent Navigator upgrade, certain annotated emails display a Yes/No message "The annotations on this document were saved with a different version of the viewer. Annotations may have moved and will need checking. Click Yes to load the document or No to abort the load"

    In post-5.0.3 Daeja Viewer Release Notes, this issue is described as Deprecation of Email Render = 1

    The Viewer behavior is supposed to be controlled by emailUseAnnotationDefinedModule parameter. And also it is supposed to have default value always.

    what we are experiencing shows that the default value is prompt and although I went to Navigator Settings->Daeja tab and added a new parameter emailUseAnnotationDefinedModule with value always, there was no change.

    Has anyone experienced something similar? Is my understanding about emailUseAnnotationDefinedModule parameter correct?


    Christos Chorattides