Mr. Christos Chorattides


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I am an Information Management consultant with over twenty years of experience in the design and implementation solutions around ECM technologies. I assist organizations to understand how the Enterprise Content Management technologies can help them improve and differentiate their business, use ECM as a step for Digital Transformation and implement efficient, problem free systems.

I have over 30 years of experience in the IT industry and a passion for technology. My fascination for Information technology has always been on the incline and it is my main point of focus during my working hours and spare time.

My interest in ECM begun in 1995 while working as a developer with Watermark and FileNet IMS. As a FileNet ValueNet partner and later on as an IBM ECM Business Partner, I have been following all developments and updates in the IT industry. I consider myself as an Information Management specialist and proficient on Relational Databases, Operating Systems, Networking, Mobility with ECM being my main field of expertise