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  • 1.  Business automation meaning

    Posted Wed July 06, 2022 07:07 AM
    Hi, could anybody kindly assist me with the introduction to business automation right from the meaning to processes.

    Jude Aryertey Atter

  • 2.  RE: Business automation meaning

    IBM TechXchange Speaker
    Posted Fri July 08, 2022 03:20 PM
    Hi Jude,

    Thanks for asking.  I have a few suggestions for getting up to speed on Business Automation.

    The easiest way to understand it is Business Automation is a set of tools that automate many of the processes and decisions that a company makes - such as receiving and paying invoices for materials, billing customers, entering sales orders, onboarding new customers, processing claims and disputes, determining eligibility for loans and financial services, and many more "back office" procedures.  Many of these activities used to be manual and paper-based, but now are rapidly becoming digital and therefore good candidates for automating.

    Business Automation involves a set of tools, which you may have heard of, such as:

    • Document capture to digitize documents and extract information to use in a business system (to pay an invoice, for example)
    • Content management to store digitized documents for the legally-required length of time, but also make them available in an instant for decisions and cases that might come up (do we approve this customer for a loan? Let's look at their history with our company)
    • Decision management to automate simple procedures (Does the customer have more than $10,000 in their savings account? Then there's no monthly fee)
    • Workflow which connects teams of people and steps to achieve an outcome (like approve a mortgage, where there is a reviewer, a property inspector, a fraud specialist, an appraiser, and an approver).
    • Robotic Process Automation is a way to quickly automate small tasks (like cut-and-paste from a document, or open a business system with a password to trigger a transaction)
    Many Business Automation applications use several, if not all of the above tools - often combined with artificial intelligence - to automate a process end to end.  IBM offers one product that offers all of the above pre-integrated for faster design and deployment. We call it the IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation. We have a web page that describes it here.

    I always understand a technology better when I see it being used, so here's a 6-minute video of a Business Automation application at the US Veteran's Benefit Administration...

    Finally, for further learning, an IBM Executive named Jerry Cuomo has collaborated with a number of Subject Matter Experts to create a digital book that is a great resource for understanding Business Automation (as well as IT Automation).  It's called the "Art of Automation" and you can get started reading it here.

    DAVID Jenness

  • 3.  RE: Business automation meaning

    IBM TechXchange Speaker
    Posted Fri July 08, 2022 03:29 PM
    Also, you might find value in reading the COO's Buyer's Guide to Business Automation.

    You can find it here.

    DAVID Jenness

  • 4.  RE: Business automation meaning

    Posted Tue July 12, 2022 05:11 AM
    Thank you very David