Buyer's Guide To Getting Started with Business Automation

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Fri July 08, 2022 03:27 PM

In just three years, the nature of machine work will change. The percentage of tasks overall—administrative, departmental, and cross-enterprise and expert—will continue to grow substantially, with the largest percentage increase in cross-enterprise and expert work.1

This guide is for COOs and business operations leaders looking to enable their enterprises to be always-on—to create an uninterrupted value stream to their customers—no matter what happens. To do this, and do it well, leaders will expand from automating repetitive and administrative tasks to automating more cross-enterprise and expert work.

Use this guide to get clear on the what, why and how of using enterprisewide intelligent automation to make your business operations a source of competitive advantage that can’t be easily replicated.

What's inside

• The what and the why of enterprise-wide intelligent automation

• Three “Before and After” automation examples

• Technology basics

• Nine best practices

• What IBM offers

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