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VWTimer permanently tries to run a workflow for deleted case

  • 1.  VWTimer permanently tries to run a workflow for deleted case

    Posted Wed July 26, 2023 09:44 AM

    I need some help to find the location wehre I can terminate 
    We have deleted a case via the VWTool, but apparently an existing timer was not terminated correctly.
    Now this timer regularly tries to start the workflow and writes error messages into the pesvr_system.log.

    VWTime1 PEPrimary4 DB=xxxxxxx  Reg#1 [Error] VWTime1 caught unexpected exception, timer cannot be processed for wob EB541520BA00CD4D90FC4240F4020434; Exception: com.filenet.api.exception.EngineRuntimeException: FNRCE0051E: E_OBJECT_NOT_FOUND: The requested item was not found. Object identity: classId={9E0EC76D-8D19-468D-BD8E-70B0A0A7C7E9}&objectId={D0651078-0000-C650-95D7-F0CCE2C45CFD}&objectStore={5F0FACC9-E2A0-4857-A3C0-314952523231}.  Class name: {9E0EC76D-8D19-468D-BD8E-70B0A0A7C7E9}.

    The error message is correct, since Case including CaseFolder were successfully deleted.

    The problem is the vwtimer for this Case is still running.

    I could not find yet the place where the timer is configured and how I can delete it.
    Normally the vwtimer can be found in the system queue.

    I would be very grateful for tips and help.


    Michael Pressler