Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

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  • 1.  SSO with RPA failing under CP4BA

    Posted Thu June 08, 2023 12:42 PM
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    Hi all

    We have successfully installed the RPA server inside a CP4BA setup on ARO. The operator is healthy, and we were able also to create an instance of RoboticProcessAutomation with the require basic configuration. The roles are added in CP4BA and the menu item is visible.

    Our problem is when we hit that menu item, we see the RPA login page with a Continue button. When we press it, we get the error:

    Single Sign-On authentication failed
    The user is not part of any active tenant

    We have followed the installation guide in all details, created the required secret and supplied its name in the CR config under: api:firstTenant:owner:ownersecret:secretName. (CR yaml included as attachment) The user can login in CP4BA and is part of the LDAP. It's been also given all roles available in the platform.

    Anybody had this issue and knows what to do to unlock our login?

    Thanks for any help or pointer.


    Eric Giguere


    RpaSample.yaml   6 KB 1 version

  • 2.  RE: SSO with RPA failing under CP4BA

    Posted Thu May 30, 2024 10:27 AM

    Hello Eric,

    Did you find a solution to this issue?

    Thank you!

    Peter Victor