Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

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  • 1.  Scheduling the Script

    Posted 26 days ago

    While scheduling the script in the IBM RPA control center on-premises environment, it failed to schedule it. it logs the error as "Error happened in adding schedule 'Mail Monitor' to computer queue.". Can anyone suggest how to resolve this issue?

    Nithish Kumar G

  • 2.  RE: Scheduling the Script

    IBM Champion
    Posted 4 days ago

    Hey Nithish. This question was posted a little bit ago, so you might have already had a chance to fix this. If so, please provide your resolution step to help others in the future. However, in case you are still running into this, I'll try to provide some general guidance for troubleshooting. Based on the information you provided, here are some potential solutions:

    • Check the IBM RPA Version: Starting from IBM RPA 23.0.7, scheduling scripts is deprecated. Use scheduling bots instead. If you're using a version later than 23.0.7, this could be the cause of your issue.

    • Verify the Queue Provider: For IBM RPA on-prem, the server requires a queue provider such as IBM MQ or Microsoft™ Message Queue (MSMQ) installed and operational to schedule scripts. Make sure one of these is installed and operational.

    • Check Network Configuration: If you're using MSMQ as your system queue provider, you must install the IBM RPA server and the client on the same subnet in order to schedule or orchestrate scripts. Network configuration issues could be causing your problem.

    • Ensure Proper Script Setup: Make sure the script you're trying to schedule is published to the IBM RPA server's repository and the "Allow scheduling" option is enabled. Also, ensure that you have permission to manage scripts.

    • Check Computer Credentials: Make sure the correct computer and credentials are selected when creating the schedule.

    • Unlock the Machine: If the target machine is a virtual machine, you must set the script to unlock the machine.

    If you've already gone through this list and the problem persists, it might be a more specific issue related to your IBM RPA setup. In such cases, reaching out to IBM support can be helpful as they have more specific knowledge about the system configuration and setup. They can provide more targeted assistance to resolve the issue. Good luck! 

    Martin Medina