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Datacap inconsistent Batch Retrieval

  • 1.  Datacap inconsistent Batch Retrieval

    Posted Wed January 31, 2024 11:19 AM

    Hello everyone,

    i´m working with a Datacap´s API that provides a Batch list through a `GetBatchList`method. This Method requires parameters such as "application", "pagesize", "pageindex" and "sort" to retrieve the list of batches. According to the documentation, the pagesize parameter controls- the maximum number of batches returned per request. 

    Here´s where the issue arises: Despite setting the pagesize to 100, the service only returns about 40 batches per request. Even when manually iterating through pages (using pageindex from 0 to 3), i only receive 40 batches for the first two indices and no data for subsequent indices. This behavior is inconsistent and seems to ignore the specified pagesize. I also noticed that the sort parameter is required, but the documentation does not specify a default field for sorting. Currently, i´m sorting by "qu_id", but i´m uncertain if this is the cause of the limited number of returned Batches. 

    I´m curious if there could be hidden limitations within the service causing this behavior, such as pagination issues where the batches are only available at non-sequential indices.(e.g., no batches at index 2 but some at index 93)

    Has anyone experienced something similar or have insights on how to address this issue? Any suggestions on how to effectively retireve a complete list of batches or what i could be missing here would be greatly appreciated.

    thank you for your help!

    Sefkan Demir