Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

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  • 1.  Convert to Base64

    Posted Fri November 03, 2023 04:59 AM

    Hi to All,

    I have a question about converting to base64.

    The case is:

    I have a system vault credential with a username and password.

    I get the username and password and after that, I need to convert them into base64.

    The converted base64 string is needed as a part of a header of the HTTP request.

    I can't add a password because it is in a password string.

    Is it possible to do that?

    Thank you in advance for your suggestions.


    Stanislav Terziev

  • 2.  RE: Convert to Base64

    Posted Fri November 03, 2023 04:27 PM

    Hello Stanislav,

    Yes, it is possible, there is a code example in the library.

    Basically it is,
    - your main script, calls a new script(bot), and expects the password as text as output.
    - The script that was called obtains the credential and returns the password, in secure text, which is converted to text

    Hope this helps.


    Angelo Alves