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Claiming the task from coach view

  • 1.  Claiming the task from coach view

    Posted Mon April 15, 2024 10:44 AM

    Hello, I am facing issue while reassiging the tsak to a user from coach view.

    1) At first the task was with different user.

    2) I assigned the task to team using task.reassignBackToRole()

    3) now I am again trying to claim a task but its not happening

    to claim the task I am using below code

    var caseWidgetContext = window.parent.window.parent;

    var workItem = new caseWidgetContext.icm.model.WorkItem(); 

    workItem.repository = caseWidgetContext.ecm.model.desktop.currentRole.repository;

    caseWidgetContext.pageOrchestrator.solution.retrieveCase(workItem.parentCaseId, function (parentCase) {

     workItem.caseObject = parentCase;

    var wkHandler = new caseWidgetContext.icm.util.WorkItemHandler(caseWidgetContext.pageOrchestrator.page);

        return true;


    It doesn't give any error but its simply assign the task to previous user (the user who was there before assigning the task to team).

    Thanks for your help and do not hesitate if you need more information,


    Sneha Shinde