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Case Activity creating new process in BAW22x Error

  • 1.  Case Activity creating new process in BAW22x Error

    Posted Sun March 26, 2023 12:32 AM

    Hello Folks,

    We have recently upgraded our Traditional Linux based WAS environments from BAW20x to BAW22x.

    We are facing a major issue in Case solution where Case activity is referring to a BPM process which is internal to Case solution. We are not calling external BPM process through Case activity.There are currently 2 string type properties mapped. We imported the solution from 20x to 22x. It works fine in Workflow Center.

    Once we deploy to WorkflowServer, Case solution gets deployed but when we try to run Saved Search to re-create Pivot tables, it fails and throws the below error. We are clueless as same solution works in 20x but not in 22x.


    Finished processing BPDs
    Variable type of null is mapped to default type of String
    SchemaGenerator FAILED.

    If we remove this specific Case solution and run SavedSearch, it works fine. But if Case solution has internal BPM process created from Case activity, SavedSearch fails.

    It seems some issues with BAW22.0.2 version but no idea on how to fix the issue.

    Do anyone has encountered this issue or how to fix it.

    Abhishek Mittal