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  • 1.  Automation, Self Driving.

    Posted Thu June 01, 2023 08:46 AM

    Good morning! Question,

    There are currently no technologies available to transfer containers/trailers use self-driving vehicle from port/plant to client in a heavily trafficked metropolis, plus parking to the dock and more.

    But for today, we can and we are able to move goods between two warehouses through the interstate (consistent pace, less chance of unforeseen factors) so let's call them "Transfer warehouses" that are located outside of cities but still somewhat close to the interstate for easy in-out, using autopilot/ self-driving platform technology, Port of Los Angeles already employs self-driving platform technology at the port facility.

    Do you believe using the same technology but on an interstate to move goods between warehouses is feasible? 

    Valery Rudoi

  • 2.  RE: Automation, Self Driving.

    Posted Mon December 18, 2023 02:15 PM

    Its a great question and this concept can be implemented in different industries too. Following this question for the answer of an expert.

    eran aot