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  • 1.  Archival solution for historic documents

    Posted Wed April 24, 2024 12:02 PM


    being quite new to Filenet/Content management solutions, I am looking for experience (positive or negative) around using Filenet or CloudPak for Business Automation to implement archival solutions for digitized historic documents.

    The requirements would include storage (short term and long term with workflow processes to ingest from frontend app and move to storage areas), search and retrieval in different formats (full, preview, maybe intelligent redaction) etc. 

    CP4BA seems to be a natural fit, but would like to hear if something like this has been already implemented somewhere, with what features and what were the pain points.

    Thank you in advance for any information

    Tomáš Polakovič

  • 2.  RE: Archival solution for historic documents

    IBM Champion
    Posted Thu April 25, 2024 08:14 AM

    Hi Tomas,

    This is an incredibly common use-case. All of the features you describe are basically out of the box. You're not likely, though, to use workflows to ingest and manage storage tiers. For ingestion it would be ideal to have the external application directly upload the documents to the platform via the API. As it were, there's no reason to wait and only store archival documents to the repository. Best practice would be to store the document to the filent/cp4ba repository at the time of initial upload or creation and then use the API to search and retrieve as needed (the GraphQL API provides an easy way to integrate directly with applications). That way you can take advantage of the full suite of retention and lifecycle management features. To move documents from one storage area to another you'd use policy sweeps with the movecontent function and a policy filter for the age of the document.

    Happy to discuss more live on a call.



    Eric Walk

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  • 3.  RE: Archival solution for historic documents

    Posted Thu April 25, 2024 03:15 PM


    Please reach out to me directly. A lot depends on your use cases, both current and future, as well as whether you (and your customer) has experience with containers, is looking for a cloud-based solution....etc.

    RUTH Hildebrand-Lund