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  • 1.  AFP to PDF format

    Posted Tue May 21, 2024 05:25 AM


    Can someone please provide more details about how to convert the IBM's AFP file format to PDF conversion? 

    Saranya V

  • 2.  RE: AFP to PDF format

    Posted Tue May 21, 2024 03:23 PM
    To convert AFP (Advanced Function Presentation) file formats to PDF formats using IBM Content Manager OnDemand (CMOD), you will need to utilize the AFP2PDF Transform service. Here's a step-by-step guide on how you can set up and use this feature:
    1. Obtain the AFP2PDF Transform: First, you need to obtain the AFP2PDF Transform service offering from IBM. This service is necessary for the conversion process and needs to be installed and configured on your web server.
    2. Configure the AFP2PDF Transform: After installation, configure the transform service to convert AFP documents and resources into PDF documents. This involves setting the AFPVIEWING parameter to PDF in the DEFAULT BROWSER or other browser sections of your configuration file.
    3. Modify the transform.xml File: You will need to modify the transform.xml file to invoke the AFP2PDF conversion. This XML file should specify the path to the AFP2PDF Transform program and include any necessary command parameters.
    4. Set Up the Viewer Mapping: Define a viewer map in the IBM Content Navigator to use the AFP2PDF conversion viewer mapping. This step is crucial to ensure that when an AFP document is requested to be viewed, it is automatically converted to a PDF file and rendered in the web browser.
    5. Check the Installation Directory: Ensure that the directory where the AFP2PDF Transform programs, configuration files, and mapping files are located is correctly specified in your configuration settings.
    6. Use a Supported PDF Viewer: The converted PDF files are best viewed with Adobe Acrobat Viewer or a comparable PDF viewer that supports the viewing of PDF documents created by the AFP2PDF Transform.
    This setup will allow you to efficiently convert AFP files to PDF within your IBM CMOD environment, enhancing the accessibility and portability of your archived documents. This process is particularly useful for organizations that need to distribute documents across various platforms that do not support AFP natively.
    For detailed configuration steps and technical settings, you can refer to the IBM documentation on the AFP2PDF Transform here and the guide on configuring the AFP2PDF conversion here.

    Krish Lakshminarayanan

  • 3.  RE: AFP to PDF format

    Posted Wed May 22, 2024 01:43 AM


    The AFP2PDFsolution is sold by Ricoh now :$/wessAFP2PDF

    You find all information in the link.

    Best Regards

    Laurent Rouable