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Convert Process Engine code from Process Engine 5.1 to CPE 5.5

  • 1.  Convert Process Engine code from Process Engine 5.1 to CPE 5.5

    Posted Thu April 14, 2022 11:59 AM

    Hi All,

    We have a customer who is on FileNet 5.1 and they have a lot of customisations which were written for Process Engine in that version. We're in the early stages of planning an upgrade to FileNet 5.5.x and are trying to rewrite some of their customisations for CPE.

    As you will know, some of the classes which existed in PE5.1 no longer exist in CPE5.5.

    For example, in the code sample below, opsUtil no longer exists:

    import com.filenet.wcm.toolkit.server.operations.util.opsUtil;
                        public String getDocId(VWAttachment VWConfigAttach,String DocName)
                        throws WcmException, VWException {
                                            InputStream isDocGenConfig = null;
                                            opsUtil util = new opsUtil();
                                            Session ceSession = util.getSession();
                                            com.filenet.wcm.api.GettableObject getConfigObject = util
                                            .getAttachment(VWConfigAttach, ceSession);
                                            Document docConfig = (Document) getConfigObject;
                                            isDocGenConfig = docConfig.getContent();
                                            String publicKey = DocGenConfig.getProperty("docGen." + DocName);
                                            return publicKey;

    Is there any sample code which we can use to update the above, or is there anyone available who could give us some pointers please?

    Many thanks,


    Shaun McDowall

  • 2.  RE: Convert Process Engine code from Process Engine 5.1 to CPE 5.5

    Posted Fri April 15, 2022 01:16 PM

    The simple answer is to use the newer Process Engine Java API and documentation that is publicly available on IBM's website. IBM has some sample documentation we received with in-person classes from years ago, but those won't translate perfectly to this type of code. 

    For context, we've been a FileNet partner since 1994 so as you can imagine, have been doing client upgrades for decades.

    I'd suggest this is worth a call to discuss path(s) forward for your team and this specific client project.

    My detail is below, feel free to reach out and we can hop on a call next week when time permits. 

    Camden Weis